Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Majlis Pertunangan Ad & Syah 12/12/2009

Yes, I owe this entry! So here goes, it's a long one, dont say I didnt warn you!


We DIY-ed everything, but then again, it wasnt anything major pun. Just had to gubah the bouquets of flowers; we had one by my cleopatra chair where my sarung cincin was done and another just to create the right ambiance (eceh :p)

Check out the bouquet, done mostly by Mom and Aunt.

Sorry thats the best picture I can find. Nanti bila official photographer dah kasi gambar I'll upload again ok?

We cleared out everything from the house, except for that little black and white cleopatra chair. Dimana saya telah disarungkan cincin oleh bakal Aunty-in-law. My fiance's parents did not come because according to the Adat (mungkin adat orang Johor sahaja ye), only the wakil of the parents will come to the Upacara Pertunangan.

Next... Hantaran

We also DIY-ed the hantarans. Dulang hantaran disewa dengan Merisik Gallery . I took the white crystal dulangs, very chic. Hehe, sesuai la dengan my engagement theme, Modern Black & White. The decorations on the dulang was done again by family memebers. Mom, Aunts, Cousins and Uncles help out the night before. We used fresh flowers, mainly Pink, Yellow and White roses, White lilies, and Orange Reddish Gerberas. We bought all flowers from Floristika, Bangsar.

Pictures of the hantarans is here.

I balas 7 dulangs to my fiance; Sireh Junjung, Bunga Rampai, Al-Quran, Kain Baju Melayu, Kain Songket, Cake and Chocolate.

I want to talk a lil bit about my chocolate hantaran. It's gorgeous!! Both the look and the taste. I got it from Chocolate Chapters in Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC). Mine is a box made out of chocolate with intricate chocolate roses design around the box, filled with chocolate balls inside the box! The best thing is everything about the box is made out of chocolate! And premium quality chocolate too!! They are quite efficient, I ordered my chocolate box just 2(!!) days before the engagement. Tapi, sila jangan contohi saya, orderla at least seminggu sebelum. They also can work with our budget, so that's always good news kan?

Check out some of their creations...


Ok, Baju Tunang pula! I tailor-made mine at Rouhe Collection, Ampang Park. Am very very satisfied with the baju. I absolutely love my layah!! Layah is basically a shorter-version of a veil, I think. I got that term from my tailor, I dont even know that's what it's called.

I'll let the pictures do all the talking :p

A close-up of the beadings on the neckline...

Pandangan belakang layah...

Pandangan sisi layah...

Ok, sudah perasan dengan baju sendiri :p So, on with the Make-up ! My aunts and friends love the make-up. BUT(!!) most importantly, my fiance, mom and sisters think its too tebal! I personally think its quite tebal too. But, overall I'm quite satisfied la. Sebab in pictures nampak cantik. However, ada la gambar2 yang diambil dengan quality flash(?) yang kurang baik yang telah menampakkan make-up tebal itu! Let's see the before and after then...

This is me on normal days...

and this is me on my E-day with my sistas...

Cantik kan I masa E-day? Hahaha, sila jangan tertipu, that's the magic of make-up!! :p Make-up was done by Lenny of Gorgeously Done. Overall, I give it a 3.5 out of 5. I would prefer a slightly more natural make-up kot.

Ok, last one! the Photographer! Mine was Fatini Zulnaidi of Marshamallow Art Photography . One word; GOOD!! She's very friendly, yet very professional. Senang kerja dengan dia, she fits in very well with the rest of the family. Tak kisah bila disuruh amik2 gambar banyak2 walaupun dah terlebih masa. I guess that is the benefit of an upcoming photog; since they are still new, they can focus on your event 100%. Fatini is a one-woman show, very fitting for a small ceremony like engagement or nikah. She also does take wedding reception jobs, but she will tell you straight up if she needs to hire an additional photog to help her out. I really like her and her work obviously. So I really dont mind having her as my photog for my ceremonies. I highly recommend Fatini, 5 out of 5 stars! Hehe. *no I dont get paid to say this nor do I get a discount ;)*

Oh I forgot, my Invitation! This is special :) It was made by one of my closest friends, Jid. She's really talented in designing and has just started in this business. So, if you're looking for engagement invis, save-the-dates, or any kind of invi, feel free to contact her at syahida1905@gmail.com :) Words do not do justice to her design, so I will let the pictures do all the talking!

Front view:

Back view:

Gorgeous innit?

So there, a review of my E-day! I told you it's a long one.