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I'm back!!

Okay, I've got quite a number of posts lined up actually, with a special one for you bride-to-bes!

Just wait for them, yeah?

In the meantime, don't forget all about me just yet! I just have a few things going on at the moment, so this will have to take the backseat for a while!

See you all this weekend! (or if you're lucky, even sooner than that. just don't hold your breath :p)

Bye Bye Birdie

Hi Girls, (and probably some guys ;))

Just letting you all know that I wont be updating for the whole of next week, becauseeeeeeeee....

I'll be in Hong Kong, baby! *woot*

Anyways, I'm there for work (boohoo!), but I have some spare time to roam the city's shopping havens (yeay!)

Hubs is not coming (cos he has cases and trials and work....boring!) and he's a bit concern that I'll be there alone. Before you go "awhhhh, how sweet *cair*", let me just say he's concern because he wont be there to control my spending! Pfft..

And I didn't help - while packing earlier, I said - "hmm, I think I'm just going to bring one pair of shoes je, kalau tak cukup, beli je la kat sana nanti." Hehe.

Let's hope I don't come home with another suitcase next week! *wink*

That's all for now. My flight is early morning tomorrow. :(

See you all next week!!



This time, it's Kate Middleton!

She's marrying the man of every girls' dreams in April and I cant wait to see what (and who) will she be wearing! Because...


Hers is a classic one - she's always dressed so immaculately but she injects a lil bit of personality (like her fancy hats!). So, she doesn't come across like the Queen's mother but rather a chic Princess.

Jom, tengok?

Princess-to-be Catherine Elizabeth Middleton and her many hats;

Gorgeous, isn't she? I.ADORE.HER.

And I think she looks oh-so-beautiful in her official engagement photos. Oh, to-die-for!

She's so stunning! Gerammmmm..!

Oh, and here's a cool photo I found - Prince William and Kate posing ala Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana during their own engagement back in 1981.

I think that's a sweet photograph. Let's hope Kate's destiny is better than her late mother-in-law-to-be. (is there even such thing?)

All pictures courtesy of Google Images…

6 years and counting...

Hi :)

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our 6th-year of being together! *smiles* (Oh, 6 years of dating btw, kahwin baru 8 bulan :p)

Both of us can't believe that we have been together that long! During the past 6 years, we have been through a lot of things.

We saw each other grow - from laid-back students to working adults. From easy individuals to property-buying couple. From "Syadzy" to "Syah&Ad" and hopefully, insyaAllah, from us to us-plus-kiddos.

6 years ago, we discussed and planned our future.

Now we're living that future.

And we pray that we will always have a future together, dunia akhirat. Amin.

Here's to more years to come!

To my dear husband, happy anniversary! I cannot imagine taking this journey with anyone else but you. The last 6 years have been perfectly amazing and I'm looking forward to the rest of this journey together :) I love you, always and forever.


I love candles!

They are so great to create a soft and romantic ambience. They turn the room from bleh to beautiful!

I have candles in my home. Some in the living room - great for those movie-night-in - and some in the bathrooms - a great de-stressing tool, just fill in your tub with your most expensive shower gel, and ahhhh, relaxxxx!

I use mine so often that the candles are now half way down. And I need to get some new ones pronto.

I want to get those really big fat ones. Just like this.

or this one.

I think they would be great for the living room and bedroom *wink*

I also love the round ones in all sizes and colours. And the square ones too. Oh, and tealights as well! *haha, you get the idea, I love EVERYTHING candles!*

They are also great to incorporate in weddings. And I think they can be quite a cheap-ish decor alternative. When I was planning for my wedding, before I even thought of having a decorator, I wanted to use a lot of candles in my wedding decor.
I googled for bulk cand…

Gl-oh-rious Hydrangeas!

They are one of my Mom's favourites!

And she used to buy them whenever she visited my in the UK, scattering them everywhere in the house. Haha, obviously, I wasn't too bothered then.

But, now that I'm *ehem* more mature, I finally share her interest in flowers! And as it happens, flowers are perfect compliment to weddings, one of my passions!

Hydrangeas come in all sorts of beautiful colours. The most common that we see is the blue ones, but they can also be found in pretty pink and purples, pearly whites and gorgeous greens! I wanted to put some pictures here, but after going through the thousands of pictures on Google Image, I couldn't decide on a few. I love all of them! All are eye-catching, I can't possible save everything and upload it here! So, just google "hydrangeas" and click image, and you'll be drown in a sea of colourful hydrangeas!

And while I was researching, I stumbled upon this!

Ya Allah, cantiknya MasyaAllah!

And it's simil…

Your Royal Highness

I was going through my old wedding inspirations folder, and I found this!

Yeap, that's Tuanku Zara Salim Davidson, wife to the dashing Raja Nazrin.

I saved that picture (and a few others) because I loved the detailing on her dress. The style itself wasn't really my thing - it was a long jubah-like dress, which she pulled off stunningly (since she's tall and slim and pretty)! I, on the hand, short and petite, would have drown in a dress like that!

But, more than that, I saved her picture because she's just so gorgeous! Seriously, she and her royal husband makes one good-looking couple!

Here's a few more shots of her, looking like a princess!


But, here's something that I actually used for my own akad nikah inspiration.

Her pelamin! It was so simple, but sweet. I loved her pelamin, and still do! But, in the end, I didn't really have any decor for my akad because of the whole "there's-11-couples-getting-married-on-the-same-day-at-Masjid-Wi…