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So, I've been tagged by Sherliza from ziggy zig ah  to do this fun but also time-wasting game. LOL.

And here goes.

I'm very manja. If you know me, you'd probably know that. I think I'm hilarious. Even I laugh at myself sometimes. Haha. I'm generally a positive person. I also have very high self confidence/self esteem. I genuinely think I'm pretty. (Another example is #2 :p) I never had and don't have any issue with me being short. Again this relates to #4. Most people would think that I do, but meh being short/petite is pretty awesome. I do have issues with me being fat. This generally happens once a month when I see a photo of a slim woman in skinny jeans. It also coincides with my time of the month. Hmmm. Although honestly, I don't think I'm thattt fat. #internalconflictI am obsessed with designer handbags, which I think is going to be my (or my husband's) downfall. I also have developed a love for diamonds after I got my first diamond ring dur…


If you see that my blog is looking a bit wonky, that's because stupid me did it!

I deleted some of my photos on my Google drive which are on this blog and now it's all gone. Am working on fixing this glitch. Just bear with me, please. 
Thank you and see you with hopefully a new look!