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Ho Ho Ho

Merrry Christmassss!

To all those celebrating, may you have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones!

To all that are not, let the wedding marathon begins! Hehe.

Oh, I miss Winter Wonderlands in the UK. Isn't it just magical?

Have a great day everyone! xx


Okay, this is funny.

My "I-genuinely-love-studying" friend, Dayana and I simultaneously updated our blog. You can read her blog here.

She Gtalked me and said this;

Dee R.: Seriously what's the difference between the 1st and 2nd pic??? Both looks the same to me!

me: OMG! U tak nampak dayana?

Dee R.: tak eh

me: Whats wrong with you?!!!

Dee R.: cincin tiga, same. yg i slalu nampak

me: the first one is mine

Dee R.: so? ok same.

me: the second one ada diamond eternity band on top, yang gold band takde?

Dee R.: ohhhh

me: omg isnt that obvious?!

Dee R.: oh ok now i see. hahaha.

me: do i have to write a disclaimer?

Dee R.: aahaha i rase blog readers u bkn mcm i. so they can see clearlyy. haha

So, yeah I hope my dear blog readers can see the difference.

Please excuse my friend, she really doesn't bother about all this. Just look at what she just updated at her blog.

Yeah, I don't know why we are friends. Hehe.

Ring Ring(s)

I'm shallow.

Some may think I'm superficial. Or even materialistic.


Because I get very happy when I see this.

Especially every morning when I put them on before going to work. I always always smile when I put them on.

Then, I tried this.

And it made my eyes shine! I was over the moon! I was smiling so hard that my cheeks hurt!

But, it's not mine.

I want it.

After almost 6 months of getting my rings, I want a new one.

How teruk am I?!

But, diamonds make me happy!! I wantttttttt!!

Now, you know what my husband has to deal with. :p

And this is just a sneak preview.




This would be so perfect for my Moroccan-themed reception last June!!!!

Urgh. Just imagine this cake against my pelamin? Gorgeous kan?!

I didn't have a cake during mine. We had a pulut kuning instead. And now, I'm kicking myself for not caring too much about my cake. Pfft.

I should stop browsing through wedding websites. Because this will happen! Sheesh.

Thank You!

Yes, YOU!

Last night, after writing this post, I discovered the Stats tab on my blog.

And to my delight, I realised that I had 4300+ hits last month. And readers from all over the world; the top 5 being Malaysia (duh!), US, UK, Ukraine and Singapore!! I don't think I know that many people from Ukraine! Heee...

After seeing this wonderful stats last night, it got me all geared up to blog more often. Can't promise everyday here, but I will try! :p

So, here's to many more hits to this blog! I appreciate each and every one of you out there!


Much Love xx

A Bouquet of Pins!

Look at how adorable this is!!

Picture taken from here via A CUP OF JO

This is definitely something different in making your wedding extra stylish!

If you are the traditional type, you can always mix some beautiful flowers with vintage floral brooches. Oih, lawa okay!

And I think it's also great for your bridesmaids. And afterwards, they can have a ball full of brooches to wear with their baju kurungs and kebayas! Such a lovely wedding-party gift kan?

I absolutely love this idea. If only I found this sooner, I would definitely incorporate it in my wedding!!

Snip Snip

I have this itch to cut my hair.

Hubs has been complaining too, that my hair is always in his face. So, I guess it's time to chop off my not-so-long locks.

Here's my hair currently;

Juuust peeking past my shoulders.

I'm not known to have long hair. Except before my wedding. That was the longest ever! Nak tengok tak? Jap.

And that's when it's all blown-dry nicely. At the salon. By the professional hairstylist.

On a normal day, my hair looks like this. Eek!

Until one day, when I decided that my hands are tired from blowdrying my hair every time I wash my hair.

So, I relaxed it. This was how it looked like immediately after I got out of the salon.

And my current picture is usually how it looks like after light blowdrying. Not bad eyh?

So, now that my hair is more manageable, I want to cut and restyle my hair into something more dramatic. Eceh.

Like this;

Only I don't think I can pull this off in a million years!! *sad face*

How about this?

But, this …

One year ago.....

We were one step closer to being together :)

I still remember my engagement day as if it happened yesterday!

Haha, clearly I'm still hung up on my wedding :p

Nonetheless, this will always be the sweetest memories that I'll treasure forever.


Yes Frills!

Okay, I've got a teeny weeny obsession with frills for home decor. Remember this?

And now, look what I stumbled unto.

Geram kan? Sweet sangat, tak tahan!! I especially love the first one - frills only at the corner. And sesuai la jugak dengan status yang dah berkahwin ni. Kalau lagi dua tu, habis tak macho husband-ku! Haha.

These beddings can be purchased online here. Annndddddd, they deliver to MALAYSIA! So good right?! Tak banyak American websites yang actually deliver here. So, bravo UrbanOutfitters. I may just click "Add to Cart" and "Proceed to Payment" one of these days :p

Oh, before you think I have a house-filled with frilly things, let me just say that my house is FRILLS-FREE (for now). Boo! Angan-angan nak DIY frilly shower curtain itu hanyalah tinggal angan-angan. Hehe.

*Pictures are taken from UrbanOutfitters' website*

Arjuna Cipta

Their work has definitely caught my attention!

Their "Flying in the Seventh Skies High" just takes your breath away. Here, have a look.

This wedding was held at the same Dewan where I had mine, and I love how Arjuna Cipta transforms the not-so-lush Dewan into something so breathtakingly beautiful!

And here's another one. It's called the "Cendrillon dans le Jardin". (I love how they name all their different pelamins!)

Isn't it just sweet and fairy-like? *swoon*

Oh, they also do outdoor wedding decor. Jap, I letak, you all tengok.

Oh wow, so so gorgeous!

Arjuna Cipta has a portfolio of beautiful work. If I was still preparing for my wedding, I would definitely give them a call! Hehe.

Go check them out on FB and their website! NOW!!

*All pictures taken from Arjuna Cipta's FB page and website*