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No mood

I find myself not wanting to go to my blog nowadays. Hence the lack of updates.

The reason?

The ticker is scaring me! Everytime tengah semangat nak update, masuk je dah terpampang ticker! Urghhh, terus hati berdebar2. Terus tutup, tak masuk2.

Why la I so nervoussss?! I just want to sleep and wake up to a perfect wedding day!

Okay, goodnight. See you post-June 5th.


That's the results of our HIV test, hehe.

Yeap, we finally crossed that off our list. Phewwwww. I'm so glad that we got that over and done with. Leceh betul nak kahwin kat Malaysia ni kan? Pfft.

We did our test in Poliklinik Komuniti Tang Lin. Called them up last week to get us a slot. And the lady told me that our appointment is confirmed at 2pm. Went there and realised that the area is jam-packed with cars for the Friday prayers! Yishhhh, had to menempel at some cars and luckily ada this guy came out earlier than the rest. It was already 1.50pm then. Took his parking space and hurriedly walked to the clinic, only to discover that the clinic's evening session opens at 2.45pm!!!!!!!!!!! Ishhhhh, geram betul! Thanks a lot, lady on the phone! You just wasted my time. *sneers*

Fiance arrived just before the clinic opens. Went inside to register and paid rm1 each. Filled some borangs which we got there itself. And off we went to do the test. The nurse gave us some "couns…



My ticker says 2 months, 1 week and 6 days to go to our Akad Nikah!

That's only 9 weeks and 6 days to go!!

Which is only 74 more days!!!

Oh my! *hyperventilates*

Sempat ke nak kurus ni?!

Sempat ke nak practice bangun awal?!

Sempat ke nak belajar masak?!

Okay, calm down. *breathe in, breathe out*

*I want my Mommmmyyyyyy, uwarghhhh!*

p/s my mummy said after kahwin tak boleh nak duduk bawah ketiak dia dah *sad face*


I've been craving for expensive ice cream for weeks now!

So, I've made a pact with myself that if I work-out every single day next week, then I'll treat myself to that ice cream.

I hope this will motivate me to exercise harder! After all, I've only got 2 months, 2 weeks and 1 day(!!!!) to get that toned body! Aiyak, might as well just scrap the ice cream. :s

But, I would seriously kill for a tub (or two) of these babies!

*drools* Yummmmmmmmmyyyyyy!

Allahu Akbar!

I write this post with a heavy heart.
I just came back from JB, visiting one of my cousins who has been diagnosed with brain tumor. He is 17, ready to enter the next phase in his life. The so-called "adult" world. But, instead, he is lying frail on his hospital bed, ready to fight his battle armed with a strong support from The Hamidons and a smile. :)

Really, the prognosis isnt good. Yet, he still smiles. MasyaAllah.

This sort of news really wakes us up from the "dunia"; the Tod's and Anyas, the NGIs and the Armas, the Marriots and the Hiltons, the Merc and the Beemers...It's sad when it takes something this grave to shake us to our senses. Because if not, we forget. We get swept away in the waves of "dunia".

And this "dunia" that we love and we chase is temporary. Because ultimately, those doesnt matter. What matters is the health and happiness of our family.

I ask, my dear readers, that you send your prayers to my little c…

♥ Eye-candy ♥

I am inspired to do a dessert table after browsing through Amy Atlas' blog.

Have you seen her work? They are oh-so-pretty!

Just see for yourself!

All photos taken from Amy Atlas Event

Gorgeous, arent they?

I especially love the simplicity of the dessert table in the first photo. I can certainly pull something like that for my own wedding dessert table.

I can already imagine; Balloons and cakes + cookies in all shades of purple and gold. Haihhhhh, just lovely!

So far, I have thought of these yummy desserts;
1. Red Velvet Cake from Bangsar Village II
2. That pretty paisley cake from Amy's blog (in purple and gold, hopefully)
3. Macaroons from Cuppylicious.Cupcakes
4. Bubur pulut hitam (hehe, to cater for all the tekak melayu in us *wink*)

Ok kan? Tell me what you think! :)


Come along to the first ever Blogger & Brides Gathering !! Bring your friends; blogger or not, future and former brides to this one-of-a-kind wedding gathering.

The details;

Venue: The Zon All Suites Residences, Daisy Hall
Time: Hi-Tea
Price: RM25

Jom, it'll be everything weddings on that day *wink*

RSVP your attendance to Diah @ by Friday, March 19, 2010

And if you need further convincing, check out all the other blogger brides' pages. You would want to join in the fun!

See you there!!!

Walimatul Urus

Remember Mrs. Arty Farty, my card designer?

Well, she and her team did a brilliant(!) job with designing my wedding invites! They came up with two designs; one is a simple card which opens up to the pocket containing my card-inserts inside and the other a gorgeous card which opens up to reveal two belly bands with my card inserted in between. They both have Moroccan motifs and will be in gold with purple as the accent colour.

We especially loveeee the second design!! Its simplicity is what makes it beautiful. And its design is also different from the other cards we've seen. I'm very excited with the card, cannot wait to see the final card!!

Alhamdullilah, we have one more item to be crossed out from the list. Yeayness!

Oh my my!

I met Arma yesterday!!!!!!

From the number of my exclamation marks, you'd know it's good news! Hehe...

I love love love his pelamin design for my reception!!!! Ahhhhh, so happyyyyy!

I'm not going to elaborate much over the design. Let that be a surprise *wink* But, I'll give you gals some teaser ;p


Scattered Moroccan pillows,

with Gold chandeliers and candle stands,

alongside some lanterns and candles,

complete with glass mosaic tiles!

coupled with Arma's magic hands, insyaAllah will result in my dream pelamin! Haihhhhhhh, I'm counting my blessings. Alhamdulillah. *Big big smile*

Honeymoon ♥ - Part 2

Okay, remember how we were looking at beach destinations for our honeymoon?

Well, not anymore.

I got a bit paranoid after hearing about the recent earthquake in Chile and tsunami warning here in our country that I'm re-thinking our choices. Told this to Fiance, who calmly thinks that it's perfectly safe to go to Krabi or Phuket. But, he respects my paranoia (eceh, padahal I basically whined and complained till he had no choice but to agree :p) and agrees to change our destination.

So, now I'm looking at hilly places. I think that's quite relaxing and romantic for a honeymoon, kan? Right now, my first choice is Chiang Mai. I've been looking at hotels set atop of Chiang Mai's hills which are really just breathtaking. Again, my point of reference is AirAsiaGo, formerly known as GoHoliday.

I think Chiang Mai is quite a good choice for us since the city is rich with culture, history and hee, shopping! Both myself and Fiance loves history so this is certainly a bonus…


Look at this!!!!

She's gorgeous kannnnnn?!

This bag trumps the other bags that I was eyeing before.

It is so unassuming! You won't even know it's Tod's unless you look real closely at the lock clasp. And the leather, oh the leather. *swoons* It is so soft, you would want to caress it with your cheek!! Ahhhh, truly love at first sight! ♥

And the colour is just perfect! The shape is just great to stuff everything inside without getting lost along the way! And it is just perfect(!!) for work and for casual wear. The leather is not too slouchy, yet not too structured. Just the perfect balance! Unlike that Anya Hindmarch bag, which I thought is a bit too structured for casual wear. Padahal hari tu, tak fikir pun structured ke tak...pfft :p

I wantttttttt! Tomorrow is our 5th year anniversary of dating(!!), so I'll pujuk fiance tomorrow then *wink*

In the meantime, termimpi-mimpi la bakal bag I ni. Eceh, kalau tak dapat, sure melalak :p

Update: Fiance said yes! Awhhhh, h…

Diet Menu

Okay, since I'm in the mood to write, I'll share my diet menu for the past three weeks.


10 - 12 teaspoons of oats with raisins and almonds taken with 250ml low fat milk
1 cup green tea


Leftover of the oats
And if I'm still hungry, yogurt


2 packets of fruits if I go to the gym and if not, some lauk or yong tau fu.

Afternoon snack

Jacobs Hi-Fibre biscuits or
Green tea


Whatever lauk that Mom cooks or soup/salad

I realised that this seems little, but the oats really keeps me going. After week one, I also eliminated all sugary drinks. I only drank water and green tea.

I personally dont think this is a healthy diet. So, I'm prolly going to introduce a bit more carbs into my diet. And I just read that a healthier option is to choose low fat diet over low carb diet. So, thats what I'm going to do next. But, of course still not eating rice!

I've got one anonymous reader who commented on one of my posts. Her suggestions seem …

Swirly Lollys!

I just love this!

Cute, aren't they?

We are giving these cheerful lollipops for the kids. I've got the number of one supplier already, but havent gotten around to calling him. Soon, maybe!

I'm thinking of arranging them like the picture below, so the kids can just take one (or more) for themselves. Heeeee.

I'm sure the kids in you want one too, kan? *wink*

Hello Carbs!

Hehe, today my pact ends! Yeap, it's been three weeks since I started with my strict non-carbs diet! So how did it go?

Hmm, I've lost an INCH from my waist and hips and an additional HALF INCH from my thighs since three weeks ago. Obviously, I would love to lose more, but grateful nonetheless. Kalau tak sia2 tak makan But, the most puzzling thing is I haven't lost any weight! Nada. Tak bergerak pun jarum weighing scale tu! So weird righhhhtttt! After all that dieting and exercising, zero kgs lost! Urgh. Serious, weird! I doubt that my fats have turned into muscle, since ermmm.... lembut je lagi badan I :p If any of you have any explanation/have experienced this situation, please do share. Terima kasih :)

Anyways, back to the diet itself. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. The though of eliminating ALL types of carbs initially seemed a bit daunting. Nak makan ape kan?! But after a while ( I think a few days for me), my body adjusted. It was actually no…