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♪ Oh honey honey....♪ ♩ ♫ ♬

That's what we are giving as wedding favours!!

I always had honey or jam in mind for doorgifts. Just needed Mom's approval on this. And now that she okays the idea, I went scouting for honey suppliers (Mom wants honey since she said its more Moroccan than jam) and glass jars suppliers.

Seriously, I learned a LOT from wedding planning. Hehe. Like do you know that there is only one glass manufacturers in Malaysia? They are based in Batu Pahat y'all! Hee, that's my kampung ;) Anyways, they have several distributors and I have been in touch with one of them, QualityPack. The price that they quoted me is very very reasonable!! So, one task completed! Ordering my glass jars from them. Weeeeeeee...!

Sample of the glass jars that I'm eye-ing;

The globe jar is 100ml while the hexagonal jar is 110ml.

I also have found a few suppliers for honey. One is based in Melaka with a kilang in Klang. Price quoted is also quite reasonable. But, we haven't finalised anything wit…

Mrs. Arty Farty!

That's the position printed on my card designer's business card. Isnt that just too cute!!

So, yes finally, Mom and I went to see my card designer! The meeting went well, and I can now rest easy. Phewwww!

We told her all the things that we love, our theme colours and concept. When we told her that the wedding is Moroccan-inspired, she got all exciteddddd!! I'm always doubly excited when vendors get excited about my wedding! That just makes me more relieved, knowing that they would put in more effort in whatever that they're supposed to be doing for me. At least, I hope. *crosses fingers*

So, now its the waiting game. Mrs. Arty Farty and her team will cook up something creative and let's hope my card will turn out gorgeousssss! Heeeeeee cannot waittttt!

Honeymoon ♥

We finally sat down over Haagen Daaz (habis dietku!) to discuss about where we are going to celebrate our lurveeee, eceh.

And, we both agreed to go somewhere outside Malaysia. We figured the price would actually be more expensive here compared to other Asia Pac islands. And we are both "manja" travellers, i.e. we...erm do not want to penat-penat, renyah-renyah travel, so we dont mind spending a bit more so that we both can just enjoy and relax during the trip.

But, that's where the agreement ends. I want to go to Krabi. But Fiance is set on ClubMed. So, we are just going to compare the two and see which one is better in terms of cost against what we are getting.

I saw quite a number of good deals on Air Asia's goholiday and a LOT of blogger brides also went/are going to Krabi.

For a 4days3nights stay in Pimalai Beach Resort & Spa plus flight, it would only cost us rm2936.79!! That's not bad at all, right? Only breakfast is included, but that shouldnt be a pr…

Snap snap!

I'm on a roll with the hantaran-hunting!!

This time, it's a camera!!! We decided on a camera since mine dah rosak and fiance's one is ancient. So, it's something that we can both use after kahwin kan? So, tis a good choice indeed. Hehe.

I went to KLCC the other day with my friends and all of us fell in love with the Panasonic Lumix LX3. I tunjuk gambar jap.

I especially love the old school look :p

Let me warn you, I'm no photographer nor am I a gadget geek. So, dont expect any technical comments here okay!

This camera is a semi-pro, according to that sales girl at least. And this is perfect for people like myself. See, I wanted an SLR, but Fiance said no. Because he's certain that I will just chuck that huge camera somewhere after a while since... erm well, let's face it, I'm not that type of a girl who likes to take pictures. I prefer to be pictured, hehe! So, I like my camera to be small-sized and pretty. As long as it takes great pictures, I'm hap…

My First Love ♥

Handbags! If you were thinking that this was going to be a sappy post, sorry!

So for the past two days, I have been handbag-hunting! Hee. I just love the fact that I can go bag shopping without feeling guilty andwithout any good reasons/justifications whatsoever. Hee. Bless whoever that created our adat of exchanging hantarans!

Over two days, (erm, actually not two full days, more of a short stint after work yesterday and over lunch today) I fell in love with THREE bags!

My favourite! The bag is by Anya Hindmarch *drools*

No words can describe how I feel about this bag!

And if Blair has one, you know that the price aint cheap! The bag retails for rm4300 here. *sad face*

Okay, nexttttt! A Marc Jacob one. I always love MJ bags. They are gorgeous but subtle. No Gs or Ls and Vs flashing around :p Not that I dont love the Gs and the Ls and the Vs. *wink* MJ bags, I think, are more suited for young adults like myself. They are modern yet classic. Oh, just take a look. And control …

Wedding Invites

I havent done mine! Urgh.
But, today Mom said that her friend will help out with the printing! Yeay! So, all we have to do now is get the design and wording, and voila! Easy peasy weasy.

So, hmm, I've been thinking about the design. I dont want anything fancy since no one is going to keep your card anyways. Well, at least I dont.

I've always liked the pocket-styled card. And I fell in love with Chef Wan's daughter, Serina's laser-cut card. So I thought of combining both of these styles together. But I also need to incorporate some Moroccan design into the card so that it is in sync with the reception's theme.

Here's what in my head;

Pocket-styled card

Plus laser-cut inserts

And some Moroccan designs

Equals a jumbled-up dream wedding invitation!


Operation Menguruskan Badan!


I have been off rice since January 10, 2010. Since then, I have lost on average of around half an inch only! Siggghhhhhhh. But I guess I wasn't disciplined enough. Although I was off rice, I still had bread, kuey teow and mee hoon.

So, today my friend, Dina S. and myself started a pact. Am very excited that I have her to do this together with. She's also getting married so that helps too. :p We have decided to go on a non-carb diet for three weeks. The diet will end on March 1, 2010 where we will check on each other's progress! Oh, on that day itself, we are going to treat ourselves to Nando's (healthy kan? ;)) and if any one of us kantoi makan carb, that person MUST belanja the other. Hee, I hope that's motivation enough to make us work hard to get that fat off!

On top of the non-carb diet, we are also exercising together. Over lunch, I'll be hitting the gym (hopefully for at least 4 days/week) and Dins will be doing her aerobics. Oh, we'll prolly th…

Girls & Diamonds ♥

I have to admit since we decided to get married, I have been a teeny bit obsessed with diamond rings. I am such a nightmare when it comes to choosing my rings. My fiance can certainly vouch to that.

My first ring, one that is given to me during the merisik ceremony, is a beautiful wafer-thin gold band. And it comes with its own story. This is how it looks like.

It is actually quite difficult to find these types of rings here. You cant really get it at the mainstreams jewelers like Habib or Poh Kong. You could, however, get these custom-made by them. You can imagine my frustration when looking for the ring. I think we started ring-surveying around 2-3 months before the merisik ceremony. My fiance was a bit annoyed with my stubborn-ess. Tanak compromise langsung. Hahaha. I ended up going ring-surveying with Mom because I didnt want to drag my fiance around and getting all upset for not finding the ring! A bridezilla, I was :p. After a looooong time searching, we (Mom & I) found …

Marriage Procedure Part Due


It's been a while since I've seen my blog, apatah lagi nak mengupdate. But, despite my silence in the virtual world, I have been busy-beeing with my wedding preps *pats own back* Hmm, maybe it's time I'll do that checklist.

Anyways, I just came back from Jakarta baybee!! Haha, I was actually there for work, so I didnt have the chance to shop sangat. But, Mom and sista # 2 came with me. And are still there! Huwaaaarghhhh..! Since, this post has been loooong overdue, I will leave my Jakarta trip for another post. I've realised that whenever I promise a post, I always end up writing about it waaayyy later. This particular post is a good example :p So, maybe I should stop promising and start typing :p

Now that I've got the lil' update out of the way, let's get on with the serious part. Eceh.

Proses untuk berkahwin for wilayah and non-wilayah. Sheesh.

Because I'm sweet, I have painstakingly (okay, an exaggeration, but kenalah drama k…