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Keds for Kate Spade

When I got the email from Kate Spade last February, I went ooh and aah over the sneakers.

Put it aside and totally forgot about it. 
Today, I realised that ooh, I can actually use the sneakers for our year end holiday! I'm more of a feminine flats kinda girl, so buying a pair of sneakers , no matter how cute, has to be justified. 
So, went online to find the shoes, and of course, it's sold out. #slapsforehead 
Next time I see anything limited edition that I like, I'm just going to buy it. 

Rindu London.

Me'nate Steakhouse, Ampang

So I did some living life tonight. Haha.
Went to Me'nate Steakhouse in Ampang tonight. It's located at Jalan Kolam Air Lama Satu, on a row of shophouses next to 7-Eleven, if I remember correctly.

This is my first time here. I heard about this place from my foodie uncles. They went here a couple of weeks ago, and whatsapp-ed me photos of what they were having. -____- The steak looked so so good. And since then, I've been wanting to try some. And since my mum didn't go with my uncles in the previous trip (only my sisters went), she was also very eager to try the wagyu.

So, off we went tonight. Okay, don't expect a fancy restaurant. It is really a simple restaurant with barely there aircond and no ambience. So, no need to dress up in your best pearls, like I did. Sister forgot to mention this. Pfft.

But what they lacked in ambience, they make up in their steak. We ordered the wagyu tenderloin and grass-fed sirloin in medium well. Because we don't like 'em blo…

Live life.

I was reading Ashley Ann's blog the other day and was amazed at the things that she does!

She is really living life to the fullest. Doing the 'Color Run' with her second son, rearing chickens, growing a herb garden; all on top of taking care of FIVE YOUNG KIDS!

I have NO kids, and I go home after work and slob on the couch/bed/chair watching tv/play on iPad/play on iMac. *shameonme* And with two basket-fulls of unfold laundry by the corner. *shakeshead*

Sigh. I dont remember being this lazy before. And this has got to change.

 I'm going to live life to the fullest from now on.

And it's going to start tonight! Dinner with family at Menate for some wagyu beef. Now, that's living life. :p

p/s will let you know if the place is worth going or not ok.

Have a fulfilling weekend guys!!

Bows bows bows

How cute are these paper bows? 
I am obsessed! Idea is from howaboutorange and she is too kind to provide a free printable template for these babies. So easy, this literally can be done 2 minutes! 
I can imagine so many ways to style these bows, that if I sit and think of the possibilities, I would have just hyperventilate myself! :p
You can do solid colours from all the colours of the rainbow, mix and match the colours, colour blocking (!!!!), pastel...... Cannot take the excitement! 
And that's just colours! The possibilities are endless for this simple but versatile bows. 
Go check out howaboutorange for the template and start bow-ing! :p

Altelia Amani

I stumbled upon this boutique last week, after my trip to Jakel. It's situated in between Jakel and Jakel Carpet, so you can't miss it. 
I went in because of its all-white baroque decor. That grandeur intrigued me enough to go in. Browsed through the ready made kurungs and they are indeed beautiful. The workmanship looks admirable and the designs are up-to-date. I was attracted by the beadworks also, I noticed they use good quality beads, pearls and crystals and the workmanship looks great as well. 
I did some research and saw their bridal wear and traditional wear online. Some, easily got into my favourite lists while there are a few that isn't my style. 
I asked for their tailoring rate. The price starts from rm600 for tailoring only for kurungs without lining. *gulp* If you want lining, add another rm50. If you want those beautiful beadings, expect to pay rm1000. *gulp*gulp* 
After spending so much money at Jakel, I didn't have the heart to spend that much money on…

Silk maxi dress

What I didn't tell you in the previous post was that I bought some materials. Not for raya, but for..... hmm stock.  Haha. My pantry of kain deserves another post of its own, but oh another time! 
Anyways, I bought some beautifulllll silk and chiffon materials that day. The colours, oh my, the colours!  From vibrant blue and greens to pastel yellow and pinks. I don't know how people get to keep their head calm in there. 
So, I went in, alone, into my candy-land. Husband couldn't joined me because he had to judged a moot at UITM. An arrangement that both of us couldn't be more than happy about. He gets to sit out of "Sayang, which one is nicer?" questions and I get to shop without restriction. Haha. 
I have been wanting to get my hands on some good quality silks for a while now. So, I went straight to the first floor where all the silks and chiffons are. 
And about an hour and a half later, I came out with two paper bags. -___- I shall not disclose the damage…

Jakel Carpets

Checked out Jakel collection of carpets today.

They carry a limited range of modern rugs. And not the kind of modern rugs I love.

I was looking for these.
They have these. -____-

So, that is why I didn't take any pictures nor did I buy anything. So dissapointed. Nasib baik tak alih existing carpet into the study room. 
For the limited collection, both design and colours (they only have brown and black #facepalm), Jakel's prices aren't that reasonable. For a 5' by 7', prices go for an average of RM1200. With that kind of money, I would go for SSF.
So, carpet hunting continues. Sorry husband! 

Too Pink?

Hey guys,

As you can see, I've change the look of my blog. I'm aiming for a clean look that will make browsing a lot easier, but I also want to inject some of my personality into it.

I don't know if this template is going to stay. I'm definitely still playing around with things at this moment. So, please bear with the changes while I figure those damn Illustrator out.

I'm gonna sleep on it.

What do you guys think? Yay or nay?


Travel dreams: Maine

Maine, USA got into my travel wish list after I watched Man v Food some years ago.

And it's all because I saw Adam Richman ate some yummy-looking, mouth-watering, saliva-inducing lobster!!

I absolutely LOVE seafood especially lobster and crabs. Oh, the lengths I go to satisfy my cravings.

Apparently Maine is famous for its fresh lobster. Boiled and served with butter; it does not need anything else because the meat is that sweet and fresh. *telan air liur gila*

I can actually imagined how good the lobster must be; fresh, succulent, tender and sweet. Everytime Adam takes a bite, I can feel my mouth salivating. Even as I'm writing this, I'm salivating. Sedapnya ya Allah.

I actually don't know anything else about Maine.  Where is it exactly, which state is it in or what other attractions are there but all I know I have to go there to EAT THOSE YUMMY LOBSTER!


Happy Birthday, Reese!

Ahhhh, it's my "baby" niece's 7th birthday today!

How time flies. It feels like only yesterday that I got the call that my cousin has given birth to a chubby, cute and sweet baby girl. I was in my second year of university then! Ooh, I'm getting old.

I remember when I got back from the UK that summer, I visited her almost every single day. She was such a good and happy baby. I cannot even remember the time where she had cried or threw a tantrum, because there was almost none!

It is impossible not to fall in love with Reese. Her cuteness is not only on her appearance but also her chatters. Ohhh, her chatters will leave you dumbfounded at times. She is wise beyond her age. Recently, she told my mum that I need to start a family because if not "it will be such a lonely life" when I get older. MasyaAllah, only God knows what goes in her mind.

I still cant believe that she is seven already. In my eyes, she will always be the baby who "yikes" (like…

Fur for the feet!

We moved into our home about six months after we got married. And I'm still beautifying and improving it!

Right now, I have an urgent need to replace my living room carpet. I love our carpet; it's modern, complements the colours of my living room perfectly and it has the right thickness. Buttt, the size is all wrong!

Obviously, I had realised this when we first placed it on our living floor. See, we bought our carpet without measuring our living room first! Pakai agak2 je. Rookie mistake betul. And I have lived with that mistake for almost 3 years already.

Recently, I re-arranged some furnitures that made that mistake more apparent. And I just cannot stand it. Been whatsapping "nak carpet!" to my husband everyday for the past few days. And he finally relented. Clearly, my persistence (or annoyance if you asked my Husband) paid off! Haha.

So, this weekend we are carpet shopping! And I shall not make that same mistake again. Have measured my living area and saved those…

Pantone Colour of the Year 2013

... is Emerald!!

Okay, I cannot not agree with this colour choice because I am soooo into this colour right now. Haha, I'd like to think that I'm a trendsetter.

Here's a snapshot of the colour from Pantone's website.

I think it also works as a wedding outfit, possibly for the more adventurous brides. Imagine an emerald green songket as your wedding attire, that would be breathtaking, no?

Since I have been married for almost 3 years now, I'll settle for an emerald green hari raya outfit only lah. Haha.

So, brides out there, try out this colour to bring out the chic-ness in you! :p

Follow Me!

Just a lil' post to say that PinkBrolly Events is now on Instagram! Please follow @pinkbrolly for our past, current and future events.

Please spread the love guys! And see you on Instagram.

Schtanks xx

Birthday Party Favours: Fatih Altaf (Part 2)

Okay, sorry for this overdue post!

So, I told you how I finally figured how to make hot air balloons out of plastic buckets and paper lanterns, and what a relief that felt.

For the final party packs, I actually used paper lanterns in blue and orange, instead of the white used in the prototype. I initailly wanted to glue some fun fabrics onto the lanterns, but decided to make it simple. I didn't want it to be too colourful. Takut serabut pulak.

I took some twines to tie the sides if the bucket to the lantern, to give the hot air balloon a more realistic feel to it. Added some mini bunting across the bucket along with the thank you cards.

In the end, I was pretty satisfied with the finished product. The party packs were filled to the brim with goodies, so I guess adalah hikamahnya I tak tukar plastic bucket tu.

And here they are, in all blue and orange!

All photos belong to PinkBrolly Events. I'll be more than happy if you want to share them, but I would also appreciate very much…

Busy making a castle!

Hey guys!

I know I owe you the second part to Altaf's birthday party. Sorry eh, kita kasi saspens sikit :p

This whole week I am super busy making a castle photobooth for a client's daughter's birthday party this Sunday. I doubt I get to check in here anytime before Sunday, but I give live picture updates on my Instagram, so please follow me there. My username is @adzyhazaki.

In the meantime, I leave you with a sneek peak of the castle.

Till then, see you on Instagram! And pray that my castle turns out great pleasee!


Birthday Party Favours: Fatih Altaf (Part 1)

Last month, my super adorable nephew turned 1!

And his mom, my cousin, asked me to do the party favours and some simple decor. 
The theme was hot air balloon and I love that theme! It is such a universal theme - you can go vintage for a chic bridal shower or colourful for a kiddo's birthday bash. 
For Altaf's party, we went with the aqua blue and orange colour combos. It's fun, boyish and chic. 
I spent most of my time focusing on the party favours. I didn't think that it was going to take that long, but constructing hot air balloons party packs aren't easy! Haha.

My idea was to use pails and balloons to make hot air balloons. So, just buy helium-filled balloon and attach to the pail, and wah-la, a hot air balloon! Sounds simple, kan? I pictured it in my head so many times, over and over again. I was confident it would work. 
Excitedly went to find pails and balloons. And that's where the first hiccup started. Where do you get not-so-small-but-not-as-big-as-nor…