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Hi Hi!

Remember me? The bridezilla who's getting married in ONE month's time?

Yes, It's been a while.

I've been busy.

Doing everything else. And not my wedding preparation!

Preparation has been slow as snail! I think I've seriously lost that momentum.

I find myself thinking of post-wedding a lot, nowadays. Hee, I think I'm now more looking forward to being married rather than the wedding itself. :)

But, of course being the bridezilla that I am, I have gotten some to-do things off the list. Slowly, but surely.

This weekend we'll be buying hantaran for Fiance, and am hitting Masjid India to find inai lady.

Toodles schmoodles! :)


At this point, I have lost momentum with my wedding preparations. I'm tired of thinking of what else I should do for the wedding. And I know I still have a LOT of small details to take care of!

I cannot wait to get over the wedding and be married already!

June 5th, come quick! (okay, maybe not too quickly!)

Dead Meat

Today is my first day of Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred DVD programme. This is my last ALL-OUT effort before the big day! I'm hoping to lose a couple more inches off my bottom, and to get an overall toned body by the end of this programme.

According to Jillian, if we watch what we eat and do the DVD diligently, every day for 30 days, then we can lose up to 20 pounds! Okay, I dont think I will lose that much since that would leave me looking like a skeleton la kot. So a few pounds shed would be good enough for me. Most importantly, I'm going after that toned body *wink*

The DVD is divided into three levels, each lasting around 30 mins including brief warm up and cool down. You are not required to do all three levels at a time in order to shed those extra pounds. Because the workouts are very very intense! Serious, masa buat tadi, rasa macam nak baling je dumbbells kat Jillian Michaels tu. Penat gila nak mamps, peluh keluar mencurah2 macam mandi. This is by far the most inten…

♫ For the ears ♪

"If music be the food of love, play on" - Twelfth Night

I have been listening to romantic songs after romantic songs after romantic songs. Even as I'm writing this, I'm listening to the acoustic version of Say A Lil Prayer. Heee. Bila dengar lagu chillin' like this, serious tak sabar nak kahwin. Tapi bila fikir benda2 yang tak buat lagi, geram jeee tengok ticker tu. Hmmphhh.

Anyways, I've got a number of songs that have been shortlisted for the wedding playlist already. I especially love my song choice for our grand entrance!! *Chewahhh, tak kuasa grand entrance all* I hope Ann and her band can perform it just as I imagined it in my head. Now, I just need to find the perfect song to end the wedding. Youtube will be my best friend for the next few hours then!

I better stop typing and continue listening (and berangan) if I want that list to be completed by tonight! Fiance belum vet through the list lagi :s Senang kerja tunangku, vet through sahaja. Pffft.


Hantaran Checklist

Okay, so I lied. Obviously I'm a bridezilla, who needs to be in control of the wedding prep. So, here I am, writing again on my latest progress! *very proud of Fiance & myself*

For Ad
1. Sireh Junjung
2. Mas Kahwin
3. Wang hantaran
4. Shoes
5. Handbag
6. Camera
7. Chocolate/Cake

And my wedding band, which is not part of the hantaran.

For Syah
1. Sireh Junjung
2. Tepak Sireh?
3. White Shirt(s)
4. PS3
5. Ring
6. Flat Screen TV(!)
7. Garmin GPS (?)
8. Chocolate/Cake
9. ??

Good job us! We've bought everything off my list, tinggal yang kecik2 je, which can be done nearer to THE day. Oh, sireh junjung and mas kahwin selalu letak together ke separate ah? If separate, then I can get one more item! Heeee. I've been eye-ing that Tod's wallet *wink* (Mental note: check with Mom!)

As for Fiance, we only managed to get one item crossed. The rest tu pun ada tak confirm lagi. My fiance very the fussy. Perfume, wallet, tie, belt semua tanak. Nak gadget besar2. How la nak letak at…