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Fly away....

Right now, I'm in Langkawi for a quick getaway with my husband and family. Some of you probably know that the LIMA is going on. We didn't come here for that. We came for the beach, chocolates and ikan bilis!

But, since this island is pretty small, we can see the jets doing all sort of dangerous stunts whenever we're driving around. The locals here actually parked their cars by the road side just to watch the air shows.

And today, we joined them and stopped by the airport road. And it was so so awesome. Those dangerous stunts the pilots pulled, so cool!!! And the jets came down pretty low to the land and I got all excited!

See, I'm a girly girl. I love everything pink, pretty and blingy! So, I was pretty surprised that I enjoyed myself so much while watching the jets zooming away above us.

I wouldn't mind watching the jets again, but I wouldn't trade that with a trip to the shopping mall. Hehe.

Diamonds are forever

If you follow my Instagram, you probably would have seen this.

Such a beauty kan? Kalau tengok real life ni, boleh buta kot. Haha. 
I am secretly hoping that my husband will get the hint and get me some bling blings for our 5th anniversary. 
Kalau u rasa macam I baruuu je kahwin, you're right! This is only our third year of being married. And already I'm thinking of my 5th year anniversary gift, kan? Aiyo, I so demanding sometimes, I also pity my husband. 
But, seriously, so so so gorgeous! Any brides-to-be out there who's still scouting for your rings --> you're welcome *flips hair* 

Wedding Photobooth: Shasa & Fadzihan

This is the story of how PinkBrolly Events started.
Back in December, my friend Shasa got married. And I was responsible for her photobooth.
Shasa's best friend a.k.a the weddding planner, Natte asked me if I'm interested to do her photobooth way back in August/September. Of course I was interested. Up until recently, I was still not over my own wedding! Haha. 
I spoke to Shasa, mostly via Gtalk and WhatsApp, of what she wants and likes, and her expectations of the photobooth. She told me that she wants it to be a garden-y theme, with pink as the main colour.
So, I spent a lot of my time researching and getting inspirations from so many blogs and websites. And finally came up with a concept of a 3D tissue paper flowers, with a pink ombre effect.
I showed her my amateur-ish sketch, and she gave me her stamp of approval. When I emailed her my drawings, I was sooooooo nervous!! See, I cannot draw, often my sketches look like a 3yo drew them. Heck, even a 3yo would do a better jo…


Hi guys! 
Are you all still here? Ooohh, I hope you haven't given up on hopeless-at-updating-me yettt! :p 
I have some very exciting news to share with youuuuuu! And no, there's no bun in my very round oven just yet. Ish.
It's just that I've started my own EVENTS DESIGN AND DECOR BUSINESS guys!!!!!
Isn't that excitingggggg?!! I am happy and excited and scared but mostly excited, that I'm not even writing this coherently. Haha, can you tell? 
This baby of mine is called PinkBrolly Events. (what else, right? I just love my blog's name!)

Since I'm doing this part time, I have done only two jobs so far. One is a photobooth for a wedding and the other is a one-year old birthday party. And I had so much fun doing both! I won't talk so much about those jobs now, but I promise promise that I will update more later ok? 
I also have another photobooth that I'm doing for a sweet little girl's birthday party. And yes, I will share as I go along. I…