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It's a BOY!

And a surpriseeeeeee!


Hehe, that was the tagline of the baby shower that my friend, Natte & I organised for two of our close friends, Jid & Dina.

The theme of the baby shower was rainbow! And I went all anal & annoying, making everyone who attended to wear one colour from the rainbow.

We did it during Friday lunch at The Social, G tower. Despite my crazy & now-very-demanding job, I managed to pull through the baby shower with the help of my great partner, Natte! *kiss*

So, here are some gorgeous pictures, taken by my gorgeous fren, Natte.

The decor....

I painted the "It's a BOY!" "& it's a SURPRISE!" signs. It was pretty easy and am pretty happy with how it turned out! :p We also bought some colourful lollys and stuck it in a clear vase stuffed with shredded coloured papers.

The teddy bears and rainbow windmills belong to Natte's SIL and son. Hehe.

The celebrated....

This is Jid, my super-creative friend who did my enga…

Lebaran 2011

Are you girls thinking of your baju(s) raya yet?

I have. And I also have sent a few kains to the tailor for a simple kurung.

I'm also planning to get one or two ready-made baju later on.

And I'm eye-ing these ones from Jovian.

All pictures taken from Jovian Mandagie's Facebook page

These are my absolute favourites!

Love the black & white, horizontal and vertical stripes! So so chic. And very wearable.

I hope they aren't too expensive, so that I can get one (or two).

If you like them too, check them out at Jovian's boutique in Bangsar. That's where I'll be going soon!

Theme of Que Rafael

Remember I said I'm going to highlight worthy vendors from my cousin's wedding? I'm back with the final vendor recommendation.

And that is Que Arrifin!

When I arrived at my aunt's place, I was mesmerized! Really, Que did an excellent job transforming my aunt's living room & porch into something sooo beautiful.

Well, of course you won't just take my words for it kan? So, I'm showing you pictures.

Unfortunately, these are the only ones available on his fb page. I didn't have my camera with me cos I was busy being a makcik :p

When my cousin told me about Que, I really had no idea who this dude was. Until when researching for this post, that I realised I have actually met him!

You know where? The B2B Gathering that I attended last year. I even took his name card, cos even then I thought his designs were gorgeous!

Tapi, dah takde jodoh nak bekerja dengan Que, rezeki dengan Arma :)

Looking at Que's portfolio on his facebook page I have no dou…

Jalan Jalan Bali


I am back. Actually I have been back for 2+ weeks already. But, work has been crazy and hence the silence! Sorry for those who left comments here, I'll reply soon!

I am also working on something BIG and exciting! And insyaAllah, when the time comes, I shall share it here. Hence, another reason why I've been silent here :p

For now, I leave you with a photo of us in Ubud, my favourite, favourite place in Bali. Next time kalau pegi Bali, nak duduk kat Ubud je. It's hilly (good for paranoid people like me who's always thinking of the tsunami everytime I see high waves!) and romantic. Perfect for honeymooners as well.

Sorry la tak boleh nak elaborate since I'm pressed for time. But, you can always ask our dear friend, Google! :p

As the Indonesians say, Daaaa!