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Kota Singapura 2

So I've told you about what I didn't buy. Now, I tell you what I bought! *excited*

Jeng jeng jeng.....

Aren't they the prettiesttttt?!

Hehe, I'm so happy I got them!

I never promised I wouldn't buy any shoes now, did I? Hehe.

The purchase of this pair did not come without the drama. As per usual la kan, I always drama lebih if nak beli barang2 mahal ni.

So, we were walking around in Orchard Road and I decided to go into Ferragamo. Walked in and saw the shoes immediately. Tried them on and love how comfy they are. Asked for my size and jeng jeng jeng, they didn't have my size!

Fine, keluar dengan muka sugul. Tapi macam redha masa tu. Haha.

BBM-ed my sister and told her about the shoes. Then she said, "kenapa tak tanya if ada kat any other outlet? And you can even ask them to take it from the other outlet kalau ada"

I, trying to be all matured and grown up, replied, "takpelah, I'll go myself to the other outlets, kalau ada rezeki, adala…

Kota Singapura

I just came back from my 5-days vacation to Singapore!

I know, I know, 5 days in Singapore?! Lama gila kan.

Basically we did the usuals - Universal Studios, Night Safari and my favourite - SHOPPING!

Butttt, this time around, I DID NOT go crazy buying everything! (like I did in London and HK ;p)

I think this is because i) I'm maturing and ii) sale wasn't too great - shopping kat KL lagi best and murah. Haha okay lah, it's more of the latter. Kalau sale beria, terus lupa je maturing grown up lady tu. Hehe.

Anyways, before leaving for Singapore, I announced to my Husband - "I've decided that I'm not going to buy any more bags this year!" The agreement was two designer bags per year for now, until he gets richer then I can buy anything anywhere anytime. Eceh. *berangan*

And then, arrived in Singapore and regretted BIG time! Because when I got to Singapore, I fell in love with not one, but two bags!! Me and my big mouth. *slaps forehead*

One is the Fend…

Jade Mountain, St Lucia

I'm a sucker for gorgeous hotels. Period.

But gorgeous hotels with a breathtaking view? LOVE 'em.

And so, I was checking out luxury hotels on Google, and I stumbled upon this.

That instantly caught my eye! That view is magnificent, MasyaAllah.

So I went to the website and found out that the hotel is in St. Lucia, an island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea.

And looking at the pictures, oh-my-oh-my, most rooms come with that beautiful view. Imgaine seeing those green mountains, with those clear blue sky first thing in the morning. Such serenity and peace! I'd imagine the air to be so clean and clear, you won't be needing air-conds there.

This is going down as one of the places that I have to visit. InsyaAllah, when we have the money.

Till that dream comes true, let's drool looking at these pictures.

Pictures taken from Jade Mountain Hotel's website

Crates Crazy!


This is exactly what I was thinking of doing for our home office!!!!!

Ahhh, and to think that I got the inspiration without looking at any pictures/blogs/etc. I feel like I very creative like that.

Anyhoos, mine hasn't materialized yet because I haven't found the crates in KL. I called up one of the wine shops (simply because they are the ones that use crates and would prolly have them) in Desa Sri Hartamas, but they said they don't keep theirs. ??!! I have to say, tho, that I haven't been trying hard enough. I could just drop by and ask from all these wine shops, Cold Storage etc.

Okay, I am now driven to do so. After looking at the beautiful end product!

Wish me luck in my search. If you know where I can get them, do tell! Thank you.

Photo taken from Pinterest

Move it like Jagger

I'm in love with this cover of Maroon 5's Moves like Jagger!

I'm a sucker for acoustic, jazz-y songs.

And Tyler Ward and Katy McAllister just nailed it in their version. Her voice is so ohsem!

I've always thought that the original is a bit too fast-paced to my liking anyways.


Ache no more

I had an impromptu massage session after work today.

My back and neck have been aching for the past week. All those staring at the computer, checking the piles of reports and those never-ending housework finally got to my body. At the end of my work day earlier, I could just feel the knots in my shoulders, back and neck!

Googled some spas that are nearby to the office, checked with Hubs if I can pop in for two hours, and wahlaa - booked myself a 90minutes massage at Sompoton Spa, Intercontinental Hotel.

Obviously, I did not take any pictures since this was an impromptu visit and all I could think of was to get those knots out of my neck!

When I arrived, they brought me into a waiting room where a cup of hot yummy chrysanthemum tea was ready for me to gobble down.

After I was done (and I took my own sweet time, drinking and bbm-ing people), my masseuse escorted me into my own private room. I love the room - simple but tastefully decorated.

Then, like the picture above, I had both …

Oh my Garden!

My new favourite spot in the house is currently my balcony cum "garden".

Last two weeks, I dragged Mom to Sungai Buloh to get meself some plants.

A lil bit of history - I tried caring for flowers before, but all died because one, I didnt water them *facepalm* and two because my balcony gets direct sunlight during the day. So none of those "feminine" flowers could stand the scorching sun.

So, with all that in mind, I specifically wanted to get plants and flowers that are more "macho" against the sunlight. Went to the nursery and asked the abang to recommend me some "tahan panas" plants.

And so far, my lil garden is looking so green and good! Ahhh, the flowers are blooming and the green plants are healthy looking! I bought some lanterns and have tea at the balcony these days. That was just so serene. Life's small lil pleasures.

Oh, I also think that my talking to the flowers and plants help them grow. I think they love me talking to them, and …


Didn't you know?

Curvy is the new Black.

Yeah, I'm in.

Are you?

p/s Obviously, I have failed in my attempt to cut rice completely. Remember my promise? Yeah, that was be being gung-ho at the time. I've decided to embrace the new curvy-licious me. So long as I'm healthy!

C'est la vie!

Vintage Vogue

I'm loving this 1941 Vogue cover.

So chic & cool.

It's now my office PC's wallpaper.

Shall do the same for my Mackie once I'm home.

Have a great weekend!