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Of balloons and fake lips

I've noticed a trend lately.

Do you see it?



Yeap, that's right! It's the props *high five*

Nowadays, the bride and groom are having so much fun posing for the camera, with all sorts of props!

Such a neat idea. *Kudos to the couple who started this trend!*

I think this would work especially great for couples who are camera-shy, or those who freeze in front of a camera (I'm thinking Chandler in that episode where he & Monica had to take their engagement photo, HILARIOUS!)

Posing in front of a camera can be quite daunting, especially if you're not the type who likes to be photographed. This wasn't a problem for my husband and I, tho. SN says laugh guys, we "laugh-but-still-maintain-lawa" our hearts out! :p

So, this can be quite a problem-solver for those shy guys (or girls). You don't know what to do with your hands? Hold a heart shape sign. And instantly, you wont look so awkward.

Who wants the "sit-upright-look-st…

Too Gorgeous!

Can someone please make a dress like this! Pleaseeeee?

I absolutely LOVE this girl's dress!

It is beyond gorgeous. It's breathtaking.

This is wayyyyyyyyy more beautiful than mine.

And the back is just uh-mazing!

The dress itself is beaded all over, but because the design is oh-so-simple, it exudes a vintage chic aura. *double like*

It's love at first sight - me and that dress!

Seriously, girls, for my sake, make your wedding dress like this? *pleading eyes*

All beautiful pictures taken from StyleMePretty

Shoes Shoes Shoes

Have you girls found your bridal shoes yet?


Here are some ideas (and tips along the way) ;

This was what I wore during my nikah,

It was a very comfortable peep toe, embellished with the extra kain from my baju, custom made especially for my feet. It was done by Syomir Izwa and it was matchy-matchy with my baju for the day. I felt that the matchy-matchy-ness was fine for the nikah, because I wanted to create a sweet look. I didn't want to be outrageous, I wanted simple and soft. So, that worked!

I love love this pair. In fact, I still use it now. So, this one was definitely worth my money! *thumbs up*

TIPS ONE: Oh, Syomir told me that for a petite girl, like myself, it is so much better to wear peep toes to make you appear less petite. The peeping of the toes (haha, this is the most perfect way to describe 'em) actually make you appear taller!

The shoes that I wore during my reception, on the other hand, was drop dead ugly!

And it was soooo uncomfortable. I think the size …


Don't know what MALM is?

Dont fret ...

Here, meet MALM.

Hehe, well you wouldn't have known unless you're an Ikea enthusiast!

Well, we got ours during the FT holiday. Andddd only today, we (read: Husband) finally assembled it! That was after my constant yakking for the past 2 weeks!

I felt a bit like YHL (that's YoungHouseLove, for those of you who aren't DIY-fans), helping Hubs with the MALM. There were screws everywhere, and we used the hammer and different kinds of screwdrivers.

Okla, actually I slept for the first part. And when I woke up, the frame was already up! Hehe. All I had to do was hold the wood that makes the drawers together while Hubs screwed and hammered.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures during the hammering and the putting everything together. Well, because I slept. Haha.

But, this is what I saw when I woke up.

My hero hard at work all by himself, while his wife snoozed comfortably on the bed! Just look at his intense concentration! *g…

Wedding Disaster

Yesterday morning, I listened with horror at how this girl's wedding turned out disastrous!

This girl, Nabila just got married last weekend. And a lot of unfortunate things happened to her, but the worst, in my opinion, was how she didn't have a MUA for her akad nikah!!

On her nikah day, her MUA called her to say that he couldn' t make it because he's down with high fever!!

Ohmygod, if I were in her shoes, I would have freaked!

Seriously, what do you do?! Thankfully for her, her sister is a part-time MUA.

Mana nak cari last minute MUA?! The good ones are booked months, even a year before!

This never crossed my mind when I was preparing for my own wedding. I never thought that MUAs could ditched you at the last minute because of a sickness or emergency issues. I thought once you've paid the booking fee, then all is well.

I'm not saying that MUAs aren't human and can feel no pain. But, hello have you heard of bridezillas?! *waves* They are unreasonable…

Tory Burch

Have you girls heard of her?

If yes, good for you *high five*

If not, go google her now!

You know I was in London for a couple of weeks in January? And Tory Burch is sold there? And when I was there, I didn't even bother looking at her line? Righhhtttt, I'm a douche bag!

Because, NOWWWW, I want one. Okay, more than one of her stuff!

Mengade-ngade tauuuuu! *slap self*

Tengok la her handbags and shoes! So so cantikkkkkk!

I so love her collection! Her colours are all so vibrant; bright green, yellow, dark purple, deep red. And she also has basic colours too which is a bonus for moi!

Sigh, I haven't scouted if there is any Tory Burch sold here. But, the more I look at the bag and shoes, the more my heart yearns for them. Hehe, I must sound like a chronic shopaholic. I'm not, FYI. *err, denial*

I want, I want, I wantttttt!!

Oh, if you're wondering how Tory Burch looks like, here she is.

Cantik kan she? And you could actually see that her style is so much reflected in he…


In the spirit of LOVE, my husband wrote this poem dedicated for yours truly :)

Aku Qays, kau Laila
Puisi buat dirimu
Bagai Majnun gila
Kemaruk lamunan cinta

Aku Kirjava, kau Pantalaimon
Kompas emas ini
Akan jadi bukti
Petunjuk hati ini

Aku Lysander, kau Hermia
Benar cinta agung
Tidak lancar adanya
Lekuk liku alirnya

Aku Megat Sri Rama, kau Wan Anum
Sumpah aku lafazkan
Untuk lakukan segala
Walau membawa derhaka

Aku Rama, kau Sita
Akan ku hapuskan
Ravana sedih pilu
Ukir senyum bibirmu

Aku Odyseus, kau Penelope
Nun jauh rantauku
Tetap aku kembali
Kau maharani hati

Aku Beren, kau Luthien
Walau gelap Angband
Kita tempuhi bersama
Demi Silmaril cahaya

Aku Perceval, kau Blanchefleur
Niat lelaki ini
Mahu jadi kesatria
Bina kastil kita

Aku Siegfried, kau Kriemhild
Lagu Nibelung kita
Agar jadi lagenda
Untuk kekal adanya

BY: Syahredzan Johan

My husband has always been my pujangga. From the start of our relationship, he would gave me poetry, sajak and love letters every now and then.

After we got back to Malaysia, life takes priorit…

Mood Board

This is my first physical mood board that I made for someone!

It's an inspiration for a bilik pengantin, for a friend's SIL.

I never set foot in her room, just saw pictures that my friend emailed to me.

You see, making this board was accidental. My friend never asked me to do a mood board. She merely asked for ideas and tips.

But I, got over excited and volunteered to make a board. Haha.

Here's the mood board;

It's not perfect. Far from it, I have to say.

There's too much empty spaces, and I think my arrangement is a bit out.

In my excitement, I wanted to find exact materials and real flowers to put on the board. But, that didn't materialise because I was too lazy to scout around for materials and I couldn't find real bunga melur. Actually, I could but I didn't try hard enough :p

So, in the end, I had to make do with pictures printed off Google. Pfft.

All in all, I had fun doing the board. Would definitely do it again, and hopefully my boards will get b…


Inspired by my friend's wedding saree, I went searching for this beautiful material.

And look at what I found!

This one! It's white and heavily beaded, perfect for a simple baju kurung. I would probably use this for my akad nikah. That is if I had another chance of doing my wedding all over again :p

This light brown+gold-ish sheer saree screams GLAMOROUS! Imagine that for your reception dress, with some gold detailing, you can be one glamorous bride! *love*

I love this grey beaded saree as well. Very very chic! And the best thing about grey? It matches a lot of other colours to bring out different moods.

Like if you pair it with this pink saree for your bridemaids/entourage/family members, you'd achieve a very chic but sweet look.

Just look at that detailing at the bottom! That's just grand!! I would probably use this for my tunang. Oh, or baju raya also nice! Hmmmm...*thinking*

The last two sarees would be nice either for an engagement do'…

Friends' Weddings: Saran & Vilashini

This is my first ever Indian wedding.

And I had so much fun!

We were up bright and early Saturday morning because we had the heavy task of bringing the bride to the Temple. According to the Indian culture, the bride and groom must leave their respective houses before a certain time. Bad luck will follow if you leave after that set time. And in our case, that time was 10.15am.

We left early, around 8.30am because (i) the bride's house is in Cheras (ii) the Temple is in Ampang and more importantly (iii) the car was adorned with flowers and ribbons, making driving really fast impossible!

Both Hubs and I wore the Punjabi suit, and we were both very excited to wear them. Here, check us out!

The ceremony itself, where the bride and groom hold hands and walk around the fire, didn't take that long. I wasn't really paying attention to what they were doing really. I was busy looking at the bride's sari. It is sooooo gorgeous. White with gold beadings and detailing. Here, see for …

Friends' Weddings: Amily & Rushdan

Last December, one of my house mates from Cardiff got married.

It was held in Dewan Merak Kayangan, buffet-styled.

The reception was simple but very enjoyable. The food was good and more importantly, the company was even better. All the right ingredients to making the perfect wedding!

So, girls, meet Amily.

Her baju is something, isn't it? The super gorgeous baju was by Qudyn. I love the detailing and the colour!

Here's the trail of her dress.

Cantik kan? And it wraps her body nicely too. Always a plus point! *hehe*

And here's the pelamin. Just the nice touch of sweetness, fitting for a day wedding.

The whole dewan was scattered with the same colour-themed ball of flowers, which is just the right amount as not to make the dewan looked crowded.

And lucky for you, I took a picture with that *huge* flower ball. Just don't mind my pose. *shy*

Oh, and the food! I think it's pretty well known that Felda D'Saji serves great tasting food. Buttt, somehow, when I eat them…


Sakit belakang ku!

I just spent the last hour reorganising my labels. With over 100 posts, that's a lot of work!!

And all for who?

For youuuuuuu!! *I so the very sweet*

Anyways, while going through all the posts, I came across this post of mine.

Haha, bila baca balik, memang kelakar. Whatever betul.

Now, let's do a simple assessment, shall we?

First question:

Sempat ke nak kurus ni?!

Sempat sangat! On my wedding day, I was a mere 44kgs! Goodness gracious betul! Sekarang, selepas 7 bulan berkahwin, sila jangan tanya berapa berat ku!

Second question:

Sempat ke nak practice bangun awal?!

Hahaha, ni memang fail! My husband wakes up really early ALL the time! Buttttt, I am now in the habit of waking up early, since coming back from London. Tak tau la jet lag ke ape, but good la! *1 brownie point*

Third question:

Sempat ke nak belajar masak?!

Don't worry kalau tak pandai masak. Just don't live with your parents or the in-laws! Kalau duduk sendiri, guarantee sure pandai masak punya.…