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Fairy Lights, Orchids & New Carpet

Hi guys, 
We're in the last three days of Ramadhan already. How time flies! I pray that our ibadah will be accepted by Allah and may we continue our ibadah even after Ramadhan ends. 
The past few weekends, I have been slowly prepping our home for Eid celebrations. 
I put up some fairy lights last two weekends and oh-my-God the ambience it created was just super awesome. I have always love the ambience and feeling that fairy lights exudes. It's just so magical and romantic. 
Whenever I walk by the hallway now, I feel like I'm in some enchanted forest somewhere. Haha. Ye, berangan lebih. 
That weekend too, we finally found our carpet! Hoooyeahhhhhhhh. I don't know who is more excited over this - myself for finally finding the carpet or my husband for the end to my constant whining. :p 
Anyways, we found our carpet at the least expected place; Jalan TAR! Yeap, the place famous for its Jakels and Gulatis has a whole stretch of carpet shops. 
And buying before Raya me…