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DIOR for sale

Would any of you be interested in my glasses?

It's Dior and I've worn it for about 2 years now. It's in good condition and I still have the original box and wipe cloth.

I'm letting go of the frame only! Lenses tak termasuk la kan. Power semua lain :p

So, if you're interested, please email me! :)

Harganya bisa diatur sih!

My Favourite Designer

*I think some of you may already know* *wink*

It's none other than Syomir Izwa.

I cannot recommend him enough. I think I did exactly that to most, if not all, of you who have emailed me. Heee.

The thing that I love about Syomir is his designs are never boring. And his best work is always so simple. But that extra detailings are what make that simple dress out-of-this-world gorgeous!

Syomir also understands a woman's body. He designs to brings out the best side of you. He knows how to make you look taller than you actually are and he knows how to hide those thunderous thighs of yours (or rather mine :p)

I've been a fan ever since he did my baju nikah. I did my baju raya(s) with him after and was still blown away by his work.

I was invited to his MIFA fashion show recently, but unfortunately I couldn't make it. But here are some of the dresses that I *just* love!

This is actually my favourite! Just look at that pleats on the bodice!

I also love this. Just imagine those plea…


I'm back in my wedding mode all because one of my close cousins is getting married! So, today we were talking about COLOURS!

I gave her some ideas - Royal Blue with Silver/Gray for a more rich, lush look and Champagne/Nude for a more subtly sweet look.

And it got me thinking what other colours would look great for a wedding, and this is what I got after a few hours! Heee.

This blog gives you the colour trends for 2011. And they even gave inspiration boards for you to draw...erm inspiration from. *grins*

I especially love these ones.

So, to all you brides-to-be out there, have you decided on your colour(s) yet?

♥ Coach

I think I want to get this!

I don't usually fancy Coach, but this one really caught my attention!

I have been looking for a nice black work bag. And this might just be it! It's not too flashy and yet it's still very chic and young. And I especially love the purple satin lining inside. Gives it a modern vibe.

I don't know how much it retails here but they're selling for US$598 in the US. Might just pop into one of the Coach stores here to checkitout!

Hmmmmm, Hubs? *bats eyelashes*

The One Who Got Away....

No, no, not talking about any ex-bfs here.

Chill chill :p

I'm actually talking about the photog that I didn't get.

Pre-wedding day, I did a *LOT* of research on various photographers.

I only knew two things then; One - I've always wanted SN to do my reception (and He DID!) And Two - I want 2 different photogs for my Akad and Reception. My thinking was I would like to have different styles for the different events. So takde la nampak semua sepesen. But, of course, hiring different photogs from different companies for different events only means one thing - MORE EXPENSIVE!

So, since I knew SN would be doing my Reception, my mission then was to find a photographer for my Akad Nikah.

After browsing through websites over websites over websites, I found one that I really really love!

They are Kudegraphy!

Their work just caught my eye! Their style is very distinct from the mainstream photographers. Their photos are just one of their kind. And really, they are just refreshingly DI…