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Men, hmmmphh!

A typical conversation with my love, when the topic is OUR wedding!

While out for dinner last night,

Me: So Py, yellow sampin songket for hantaran tunang ok tak?

Him: makes faces, nak indicate malas la tu nak cakap pasal wedding!

Long pause...

Him: Balik jom?

Kalau cakap pasal Constituition Law tu, banyak je benda nak cakap! Pffftttt, sabar je la!

So, are all men like this or is it just mine? Heee :p

Twelve-twelve, o-nine!

I'm getting engaged!! Weeeeee!

So far, I haveeee...

...Sent my kain to the tailor - I'm trying this boutique called Rouhe Collection in Amps Park for the first time. Im praying that it will turn out nice *fingers crossed*

...Booked my make-up! Yeay! I'm using Gorgeously Done, a Subang-based make-up artists, and also a sister company of Pretty Peektures. From their website, their work looks natural enough, just how I would like my tunang make-up to be.

...and booked my photog! I'm taking Fatini of Marshmallow Photography . Also a Subang-based photog; she's a one-woman show and I absolutely love her album and piccas.

The things I have yet to do are... sampin songket for my love, to be put on the dulang kain nikah for us, also for the dulang the dulangs! Im in my malas mode to call2 orang and tanya price quote etc etc

...hence cake hantaran pun belum tempah. Dah lambat ke ah? Aiyoooo!

Hopefully, I'll get these done by Raya Haji. Dah la my love is…


Erm, I have a blog?

I was inspired by the writings of fellow bride-to-be, Sabsabby :p See, I follow her blog religiously; I thought it wouldn't be fair that I get to know so much of the details of her wedding but she has no clue on mine... ahhaha, ok perasan, not that she requested to know more of mine pun, but whatever.

So, here goes! This is more of a to-do list for my wedding prep, and when I'm done, I'll prolly show this to my future children or something :p