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Anya, Dah-ling!

I haven't told you what I bought in London!!

You can probably guessed it from the title, but whatever.

I bought an Anya Hindmarch!! *jumps up and down*

And I loveeeeeeeee her!! *hugs tightly*

Remember when I was scouting around for the hantaran bag, and I fell in love with the AH Belvedere?

Well, it was on 50% discount in London!!!!!! The price is 240 pounds after discount, which is only RM1169.76! Seriously, isn't that dead cheap?! Kalau tak beli, memang whatever la.

Turns out, I memang whatever! Because I didn't buy it!

I'll tell you why...

See, before we left for London, I told my Husband that I only want to buy neutral-coloured bags that I can use a lot of times. Also, I realised I don't own a lot of neutral-coloured bags. So, I figured this would be a necessity. Right?

Buttttt, that Belvedere that was on sale, is in Burgundy! Neutral la sangat Burgundy tu. I wanted the Black Belvedere which is sold out everywhere in this world. Obviously, that particular shop d…

The Colour of 2011

It's Honeysuckle Pink!

In case you're not too sure of the exact shade, here's a sample!

I think this is a beautiful colour! I definitely would incorporate it somewhere in my wedding. That is, if I'm still planning for it la *grins*

For you lucky ladies who are *still* planning, here's some Honeysuckle Pink inspiration boards.

I think this swatch is most fitting for a nikah or engagement do'. Such a sweet combination, pink & white

This is my favourite - pink & gold. It gives that antique vibe which I'm so into at the moment!

*Pictures courtesy of Google Image*

And of course, for those who are married (like myself), you can always incorporate Honeysuckle Pink in your home.


Since I am positively sure that my Husband wouldn't agree to pink dining chairs, I'm starting small with the guest bathroom.

Will update that lil' project in another post!

Oh, and if you really want to take the colour of the year a lil' bit further, get this fo…



She is such an angel! I love her *grins*

She's a colleague's daughter, and that was my first time seeing her. She is such a good baby, doesnt cry when strangers carry her around or shower her with kisses all over her cute lil' face!

Stainless Steel

Remember my post on how the wall above my sofa is empty?

And how we have agreed to put a clock above it, but couldn't find the perfect one?


Well, we've found one! *jumps up and down*

But now, I think the clock looks a bit lonely all alone on the bare wall.

So, I've been thinking of what I can put up to compliment it.

And to my delight, I found this lying around the house.

It was one of our wedding gifts! It also has that stainless steel look, so it's just perfect!

And I've got such a brilliant idea of what to put inside the frame!!

I'm not going to tell yet, but once I'm done with the project I'll put it up!


And we also bought this black and white painting from the UK, which I will send to frame asap!

Nak tengok? Jap.

And add a floor lamp next to it, I hope this will give my living room that cosy feel I've been working on!

Wish me luck!


Long Silence...

...and finally I'm back!

After two long weeks of holidays, I am now back at work and of course this blog :)

I shall be blogging as per usual and will reply your emails shortly! Sorry la yang lama menunggu tu, insyaAllah will reply by this week :)

Just a quickie, and see you in the next post! ;)


My 100th post written all the way from Londonnnnnnn!

Yeap, that's why I haven't been updating my blog. I balik kampung, hehe.

Just a quick update to wish all my readers a Happy 2011! May all our resolutions, wishes and dreams come true. Amin.

I will be back to blogging as per usual when I come back in about 2 weeks time!

For now, keep those emails coming, I'm still replying while I'm here. Walaupun lambat sikit sekarang. :p

See you bride-to-bes!