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Malaysian-ised Summer Picnic

Back in the UK, we used to look forward to summer. One, because exams are usually over and you'd get to have all sorts of fun and two, because you get to wear summery clothes and go for picnics!

So, two weeks ago, the SATC gals had a summer "picnic" here in KL.

It was actually done in my condo. Because it's just too hot to be sitting out under the scorching sun! :p

It was a potluck thing - I made beef stew. Dido made the yummiest fruit smoothies, Iman the dessert queen made pavlova and trifle while Tasha and Amily cheated. Tasha, as usual, made her Mom cooked. Thanks Aunty, seperti biasa makanan Aunty memang sedap! And Amily BOUGHT mee kari, pfft. And this is one girl who can actually cook up fabulous meals! Well, she got lazy after she came back, hehe.

I cleared out the space in my living room and laid out my polka-dot tablecloth. Put flowers in small vases and scatter them around. It really felt like we're having a picnic in Cardiff especially with the cool…

Lazy Bum

Just about sums up how I feel today. Hehe.

Happy Sunday all :)

Summer Picnic

The flowers are sitting pretty in their vases, oozing the colours of summer!

And the beef stew is on the stove simmering, releasing all their summer goodness.

Now, just waiting for the SATC girls to arrive and our summer picnic starts.

Will give you a full update after we're done with the fun!

New Look!

I decided to play around with my blog.

It's still work in progress, but I'm loving the new header and background!

Whaddya think? Yay or Nay?


Bag Fever

OMG, I have totally neglected this blog! Sorry, I had writer's (or blogger's) block, hehe.

Anyways, it's that time of the year when I get that itch to buy a bag!

And boy am I fickle! One day, I want a classic Chanel, the next a nice one-of-a-kind clutch/dinner bag before toying back to the Chanel.

Obviously, all this fickle-ness are all in my head, because the moment I say "I'm thinking of buying a bag" to the Husband, he'll just zoned out. Sheesh.

Well, until recently, I was still quite in-between the two bags. Until I saw this!


I'm a sucker for beautiful bags. And this one, I really love!!

I haven't seen this in-person, but I bet it's gorgeous. It's so chic - you can wear this with practically every outfit!

Of course, Hubs would prolly hear this as all my excuses for getting a new bag - "it's an investment, kalau kita takde duit nanti, I can sell one of my bags!"

His reply? "I'm sure you would …