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One up!

I was going through my FB and saw this!

Pelamin by Arma Couture. Photo taken from Arma Couture's FB page.

How gorgeous is this?! Arma nailed it again, with a simple yet unique pelamin set-up.

I truly believe this is one decorator that is on the way UP and UP!

Pssst, in case you all forgot, Arma was also my decorator! Haha. Nak jugaaaaak! :p

Bath Frills?

Check this out!

Images taken from Anthropologie

Aren't they pretty?

I can so imagine them in my bathrooms. And they'll definitely be an eye-catcher! I so wantttttt!

But, one costs US$118?

Homaigod, mahal kannnnn? That's almost rm500 for one(!) shower curtain(!)

I cannot even find reasons to justify this! It's just too ridiculously expensive. Even I know that. Sheesh.

So, I thought I'll just DIY one. I saw some bright-coloured shower curtains in Ikea, so maybe I can work with that. And hopefully, it'll turn out somewhere near the picture.

This will be one of my weekend projects! Except my weekends always come and go before I even knew it! Pfft.

♥ Shutterspeak ♥

Forget Manggis! Shutterspeak is so IN!

Don't believe me?

Check it girls!

Don't you just love the cinematography? Homaigod! Everything looks a hundred times prettier in the video.

And I love that I remember exactly how I felt on my Akad when I watch the video. And how it puts a smile on my face. And how my heart goes all warm and lovey-dovey when I hear my Husband pronounce the Akad. And how I want to watch it over and over again.

That, I think, is what makes a good video. :)

Kudos to Zaidan and his team for producing such a wonderful video, one that I will forever cherish!

Are you girls jumping to call Zaidan yet? :p


Today, one year ago, I received my first ring :)

Awh, sweet memories. Forever, I'll remember these moments :)


Tick Tock

This is the wall in our living room. It's bare and uninviting and we want to make it a lil' bit cosier.

We thought this would be nice;

But, we are going to put up pictures in different sized frames along our hallway, so using this same idea again would make our house look too cluttered. R-E-J-E-C-T!

Then, I thought mirrors would look nice. It'll make the house looks bigger and classy.

But, after thinking about it again, I thought hmmm, mirrors doesn't really fit into the rest of our theme. Besides, we want that cosy, inviting, warm feel. Am not too sure if mirrors can give us that. R-E-J-E-C-T!

And then, we both agreed that maybe a wall clock is what it takes.

We really like this idea. Simple, yet it brings a hint of warmth.

Butttt, it's so darn difficult to find the clock! We have been looking and we have yet to find one that we both love. Sometimes its the size that I don't agree on and other times it the face that Hubs doesn't approve. And that's exact…

Up & Running...!


I'm back on the blogging sphere!! It's been a month since my last post - and that was how long it took for the TM people to get us connected. Pffft. But, alas, I shall spare you of my rantings and get on with ittttt! *enthusiastic mode ON*

I just realised earlier that today marks our 5th month of blissful marriage. And it has been the best thing ever! All I can say is we are very very happy *grins*
(No, no this is not a sappy *I-love-my-husband-so-much* post)

I want to share with you lovelies our honeymoon trip to Mauritius. We were very very fortunate to received the trip as our wedding gift. The trip was for 5 days 3 nights - we both felt it was too short, but beggars cant be choosers! :p

I don't think I can do justice to the beautiful Mauritius, so I shall let you drool over the pictures okay?

I swear I didn't take this off Google!

We started our day with this view - so peaceful!

The yummy ananas (pineapple) drink! So so sweet

Overall, we had a lovely time - rela…