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And here comes the Prince & Princess

She is now Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

* I need a bit more time to digest and analyse the Royal Wedding. I'll give you my thoughts when I'm thinking straight :)*

Tea & Scones

*please read in your best Bri'ish accent*

Hello my dears,

It's 24 hours to the Royal Wedding!! I am very excited to watch history in the making tomorrow. Are you?

All day today, I talked about the wedding - giving friends and colleagues royal trivia, looking at pictures after pictures and studying the procession routes. I know, a tad obsessed. But, this doesn't come very often!

And I have been ogling at this! The place is only 5mins away from Buckingham Palace! It is literally on the palace grounds!! And Kate Middleton and her family (as well as the flower girls and page boys) are all staying here now!

All the time looking at the website, I was imagining myself, looking all princess-y and Bri'ish in my hat and gloves, sipping tea out of my dainty tea cup with one pinky up, and going "Oh, what a lovely weather to be out" (cos them Brits love to talk about the weather, don't they?)

Oh well, that's as close that I can get to feeling like a Princess.

So, f…

Wordless Wednesday



My appetite is crazy these days! I eat, and eat, and eat, and eat summore.

No exercise only means that I am so BIG now. *sob*

I don't look at my wedding pictures anymore because it's too depressing. Where did that skinny girl go?

Do you not-so-newlyweds go through the same thing too?

No motivation or determination to lose that weight even though you know you are so FAT?

And even after knowing that you are so FAT, it doesn't stop you from eating that huge chunk of Cadbury's chocolate bar or finishing off that slice of Red Velvet?

Urgh. Have you no control Miss?!

And as I'm writing this, I'm really craving for this.

Picture taken from website

What is wrong with you?! Grrrrrr....

Jemputan Kahwin

Looking for ideas?

Here's a cute inspiration.

Photo taken via Pinterest

Love this!

I think this is more suitable for small ceremony. Kalau jemputannya 1000 orang, mau tercabut ibu jari nak meng-setemkan atas kad tu :p

But, something to think about kan?

♫ Kanda Dinda ♪

Just got back from listening to an awesome live performance by these super-talented people.

Monoloque and Yuna are definitely the most talented people I've heard so far. They've got amazing vocals and they can play all sort of musical instruments. *respect*

Hubs and I are both cannot play any musical instruments. I suck at playing the recorder in school last time. And hubs is tone-deaf (tho' he's delusional ;p)

But, we enjoy our music. We like singing (or screaming) our hearts out at home. I'll play on something on the Mac and we'll sing along. Kanda Dinda is our current fav :p

So, listening to Monoloque and Yuna just now was very very enjoyable for us. Especially when they sang our Kanda Dinda song! :p

Hubs and I have decided to send our future kids to all kinds of music classes, to make up for our lost "talents" ;)

And in the meantime, the new cd we just bought is going to be in loop.

Wordless Wednesday

Walk down that aisle

Here's a really creative idea for those of you who are taking that walk down the aisle.

I'm embarrassed to say where I got this from. * Hi, my name is Ad and I have an addiction to Pinterest. *

But, even you cannot deny how cool this idea is, right?

Getting those that matter (or those who help making you walk down the aisle a success) to sign the soles of the shoes that you use to take that walk. Genius, whoever thought of this. Not so genius for not thinking about it before June last year. *scowl*

You can get your Maid-of-Honour, bridesmaids, and even flower girls to sign your shoes. To remember who took that walk with you!

Or I would have asked my Mom to sign mine because she was my rock throughout my wedding!

But I don't have that chance now, do I? Pfft.

So, you girls better do it. Penat je I excited jumpa and letak kat sini.

Life of a (Part Time) Housewife

Hi you-whose-about-to-get-married,

I'm about to let you into a lil' secret.

Just brace yourselves ok?

Deep breath in, and fuh fuh...

Okay, girls, after the beautiful wedding that you've been so hard-at-work planning, and the oh-so-dreamy honeymoon, marriage will settle in.

I have been married 10 months now, and I will tell you, that married life has properly settled in! At least, the first part.

And you know what that is?


The cleaning, the cooking, the dishes, the laundry and the IRONING!

Add that to the fact that most of us are working from 9am to 6pm (8pm on bad days), these can be quite overwhelming. I have somewhat adjusted to the chores. Although, I think I was a bit more "Monica" during the first few months. Then, I realised I'm too tired to be all Monica about things. I used to iron my bed linens in those days! Now, I just stick to ironing the pillow cases.

Of course, training the husband from Day 1 helps. My husband is trained …

Red Shoes

Continuing with the theme for the day, I found another cute pair of shoes at..... yeap, you guessed it!


Here, check it out! But, don't faint from the cute-ness!


Told ya it's too cute!

I seriously want this shoes! if you all ada ternampak a similiar-looking shoes, please please tell me?

Kasut ni so sesuai untuk newlyweds yang nak ber-honeymoon dekat Paris ke, London ke, Rome ke, any of the European countries la.

But, seriously, if any of you know where I can get my hands on these babies, please tell me!

Au-revoir! *jumps with feet-clad-in-this-cute-red-shoes*

Floral Feet

Dear Bridezillas,

Are you tired of stressing over your wedding planning?

Why don't you take a break from it all, and focus on the fun part?

You want?



Let's talk honeymoon!

I found these really cute sandals, from Pinterest (where else but my current fav website!) which would be so so great for your beach honeymoon.

Cute kan? Cuba imagine pakai sandals ni dengan white dress dekat Koh Samui. Aloh, sweet sangat. Memang tengok terus tau newlyweds. Awhhh.... *dreamy*

And if you think beria sangat nak beli sandals baru untuk honeymoon, trust me, you would want to go that extra mile for your honeymoon. Bila lagi nak merasa perasaan di awang-awangan?! Hehe.

Stress lagi tak? Sure dah kurang kan? :p

Love love.

Wedding Guest Book

Okay, this is just too cool!

Photo taken from Pinterest

I'm gonna find a reason to organize something just to do this!


'Nuff said.

Buns I Love

I'm into buns these days. And in case you're wondering, I'm talking about hairbuns!

Since my hair is long-ish, and I'm making no attempt to cut/restyle it eventho' I say it all the time, I am now always spotted with my hair in a bun. And I'm growing to love it!

I especially love those loose hairbuns. So effortlessly chic. But, of course, a whole lot of work and hair products goes into making that look. How ironic.

So, I went online and found this really great website. But, I'm going to have to warn you before you click on that link - the website is highly addictive. You will get deeply immersed into the website, and before you know it, you've just spent 4 hours of your time! And when that happens, just don't say I didn't warn ya :p

And here are some of my favourite buns!

Aren't they gorgeous?

So, jom sama-sama ber-hairbun! :)


Fine, I'm about 2 months away from our first wedding anniversary,

But, I cannot help but berangan about this!


My wedding band is quite similar to the blue sapphire and diamond band shown above. And doesn't it look good with the pink sapphire and diamond band? *hati goyah*

I have been itching to buy anything diamonds, anything bling lately. And what would be more perfect than our one year anniversary right?

Clearly, I'm still not over this bling mode. Oh God, help me!

*Picture taken from the Tiffany & Co website*


Looking for a wedding card designer?

Frustrated at what you're seeing in the market?

Want something simple, modern chic but at the same time doesn't burn a hole in your Anya wallets?

If you answered yes to all (or any) of the above, then meet WeddingKami!

They are trying to (in their own words) "revolutionize the way you're inviting your friends and family to your wedding ceremony using our Interactive Wedding Websites (or wedsites)".

This is not only great for those eco-friendly-brides but also for our-generation-kinda-guests-who-are-not-so-technology-resistant.

I mean, already we are inviting our friends via facebook, why not take a lil' bit of effort with a wedsite. It's more proper, don't you think? And you can go crazy designing your wedsite! This can be an extension of your wedding theme.

Like if I were to do mine back then (I did consider WeddingKami btw before I got lucky when Mom's friend decided to sponsor the wedding invites!), I …

Glee-ful Entrance!

I'm in love with this!!

How cute is this for your grand entrance?! I especially love Quinn and Sam's dance.

I can so picture myself dancing in like that, tho' Hubs would prolly be all stiff and conscious in front of all the guests! :p

So, all you fun lil' bride-to-bes, go ahead and dance your way into the hall/ballroom! I bet that would be a nice surprise for your guests!