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Looking for a wedding card designer?

Frustrated at what you're seeing in the market?

Want something simple, modern chic but at the same time doesn't burn a hole in your Anya wallets?

If you answered yes to all (or any) of the above, then meet WeddingKami!

They are trying to (in their own words) "revolutionize the way you're inviting your friends and family to your wedding ceremony using our Interactive Wedding Websites (or wedsites)".

This is not only great for those eco-friendly-brides but also for our-generation-kinda-guests-who-are-not-so-technology-resistant.

I mean, already we are inviting our friends via facebook, why not take a lil' bit of effort with a wedsite. It's more proper, don't you think? And you can go crazy designing your wedsite! This can be an extension of your wedding theme.

Like if I were to do mine back then (I did consider WeddingKami btw before I got lucky when Mom's friend decided to sponsor the wedding invites!), I would incorporate my Moroccan theme in the wedsite. I can just imagine, royal purple with moorish motif and gold curly fonts, with a moroccan-instrumental song playing at the background! PERFECT.

And of course, the most useful feature of all - you'd get to monitor your RSVPs almost instantenously. No more stress and headache of worrying how many guests are going to turn up, texting (and harassing) people asking them if they are coming etc. I hated this part the MOST! But, with the wedsite, this stressful task becomes easy breezy (covergirl! Hehe, sorry can't help it. Too much of ANTM :P)

Oh, and after your guests are done RSVP-ing, they'd get to leave wedding wishes or notes. It's brilliant, I tell you! Invite and guest book all rolled into one. Seriously, you can do anything with just a few clicks of the mouse!

But, if you're more traditional or before your parents go, "Manalah kawan2 Mama reti nak pegi2 website ni?! Mama pun tak reti nak menginvitenya!" , then 'fret not!

Becauseeeeee, WeddingKami is one step ahead of us!

They also have printed cards. And not just some typical off-the-rack-kinda-cards somemore. Theirs got taste one! *Like*

Here, take a look at my favourite!

and here's the link to the matching wedsite. Love that song!

So, if you're stumped with your wedding invites, be the cool bride with the WeddingKami wedsite *flips hair*

Go over to their website for more information. Oh, and they also have a blog and an FB page.

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Inspired by my friend's wedding saree, I went searching for this beautiful material.

And look at what I found!

This one! It's white and heavily beaded, perfect for a simple baju kurung. I would probably use this for my akad nikah. That is if I had another chance of doing my wedding all over again :p

This light brown+gold-ish sheer saree screams GLAMOROUS! Imagine that for your reception dress, with some gold detailing, you can be one glamorous bride! *love*

I love this grey beaded saree as well. Very very chic! And the best thing about grey? It matches a lot of other colours to bring out different moods.

Like if you pair it with this pink saree for your bridemaids/entourage/family members, you'd achieve a very chic but sweet look.

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Be Prepared on Your Wedding Day!

So useful, this!

Print this and give a copy to your maid of honour/best friend/sister or whoever that will be close to you on your big day.

Often, brides forget the food and drink bit, but trust me, have some snack handy. Because you WILL be hungry. And don't forget straws! You don't want to ruin your lipstick :p

Okay, everything else is self explanatory.

You're welcome!

Hello Rizman Ruzaini, Bye Bye Syaiful Baharim!

Shocking kan? After my last post on Syaiful Baharim.

So what happened?

Ok, yesterday evening me and mom went to Jakel to get the lace. Sampai je Jakel, pegi la kat tingat kain exclusive tu, focus hanya untuk mencari lace. I wanted a simple, CHEAP, non-beaded lace. Any kind, asalkan cantik. The SA who helped us, who happens to be the owner and Mom's friend, mestilah tunjuk yang beaded Solstiss je. Without a doubt, Solstiss lace IS exquisite. Memang tengok muka automatically berseri-seri, bibir tersenyum-senyum. But, boy, the price! MasyaAllah..!

I was actually quite good; I actually said NO because the laces that she showed me are all very expensive, jenis ribu2 PER METRE! And I was looking to buy 4 metres of lace! So I said to Kak S (the owner), I prefer the simpler one, no beads, tak payah la Solstiss2 ni. So, she showed me some, plain, simple and sweet, I didnt have a problem getting just that.


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