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Stay: Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta, MGallery Collection

Salam my dear readers,
Sorry I've been slow in updating this month! I've been cooking every single day, making up for the rest of the months that I dont. Haha.
So, continuing with our Yogyakarta trip.
We stayed at one of the most awesome hotels in Yogyakarta. As you may recalled in this post, I was hoping that the hotel wouldn't just be indah khabar dari rupa (beautiful only in pictures but meh in real life!). And thank you God, we weren't disappointed.
As we stepped into the hotel, we were greeted by a floor-to-ceiling glass doors, which made the medium-sized lobby light and airy. Check-in was swift and the front desk staff were all very courteous and helpful. 
The reception desk was made out of wood, beautifully carved with typical Indonesian motifs. Behind it stood a large wooden sculpture, also carved intricately. 

As you move into the hotel, you would see these designs repeating itself. It's clear that the hotel's interior is one that marry history and …

Birthday Photobooth: Mickey Mouse

The Sunday before Ramadhan, I did a Mickey Mouse-themed backdrop for a sweet 1-year old boy's party.

He had spent his actual birthday in the hospital that week and his mom wanted to give him a nice birthday party. So, that's how I came into the picture. Hehe.

Remember how I fell sick after our Yogya trip? Yeah, I had the lousiest timing to fall sick! That week I was so swamped. Work at the office was piling and I had the photobooth to work on.

Thank God I had designed something that was simple and doesn't require much effort. And my friend, Azzahraa wanted something small. So phewwww.

I only managed to focused on the photobooth on Saturday, one day before the party!

I had put in a bit of time before, whenever I felt a bit better or whenever I'm not asleep from the meds, to do some prep work.

Thankfully, I got to deliver a complete and beautiful (if I may so, haha!) backdrop that Sunday.

I had fun doing this job actually. It was simple, doesn't take much time and st…

Ramadhan Kareem

Salam Ramadhan to all of my Muslim readers. 
Firstly, please accept my sincerest apologies if I had offended any of you via my writings in this blog. If you know me personally, please also accept my apologies for any wrongdoings that I may have done, whether intentionally or not. 
Every Ramadhan I pray that I will become a better Muslim. Be strong enough to fight the worldly temptations and strengthen my ties to my religion and my God. 
This year, my doa remains. And I ask that you remember me in your prayers. 
May we have a blessed Ramadhan and may we continue to be faithful even after Ramadhan. 

The not-so-Amazing Race

Thursday, June 27th 2013 will always be a date that I will remember.

That was the day we took off to Yogyakarta for a lil getaway. 
Our flight was a morning one. 9.45am to be exact. 
Stayed up late the night before to pack and to play Candy Crush -_____- 
Woke up late at 6.30am the next morning. And rushed like crazy, so we could leave the house to KL Sentral by 7am. 
Called for a taxi to come at 7am, went downstairs to our condo's lobby at 7am, and there was no taxi! 
Husband called the taxi company and was informed that the taxi had came and left!!!!! Husband was furious. Called for other cab companies and no taxis were available that morning. Great! 
So, we took our car and drove to my mom's (thank God we live so near each other!) so she could dropped us off in KL Sentral. 
Got to KL Sentral by 7.30-ish and waited in the blardy connecting bus to LCCT for 30 minutes before the bus finally moved at 8am! 
Reached LCCT at 9.15am! Ran like crazy with our two luggages to the bagg…

Hey Mickey!

Just dropping in to show you the progress of my Mickey Mouse-themed backdrop. 
There's still quite a bit to do. Gotta work it since the party is on Sunday! Wish me luck, peeps. 
And watch this space for the full story later. 
As Mickey says it, Toodles!

Yogyakarta to Kuala Lumpur

Hi you guys!

I have just recovered from a fever post-holiday and is still getting over this nasty cough.

We got back from Yogyakarta on Sunday night and holiday-withdrawal-symptoms quickly kicked in. I should be applauded for getting into work on Monday!

Anyways, I'll update more on our trip soon after I'm done working on a photobooth for a lil' toddler's birthday party this Sunday.

Till then, toodles!