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Countdown - 6 days!


Less than a week to go! Excited, nervous and cannot wait to get over the wedding! Hee.

What did I do for the past 2 days?

My gfs threw me a surprise bridal shower yesterday! It was awesome!!! Had sooooo much fun with the girls. And they threw such a gorgeous partay! Oh how I wished that didn't have to end :p These kinda of things makes me loveeeeee being a bride-to-be. Hehe.

After the awesome bridal do, I went to Ikea with sistas. Our mission? To get mirrors for the bilik pengantin and dewan nanti. Got 2 of them for less than rm200. Cheapo kan?

And today, I went for my reception dress fitting at Rizman's. Ohhhhh, love love the dress! And the whole look that RR created just now was just uh-ma-zing! Hopefully we'll recreate the look again on the real day!

After that, went to Fiance's house for a full dress fitting. Make-up and hair sekali. Oh my bajus for Fiance's side kena alter banyak! Hehe. I nak cakap I dah kurus la tu :p

And that was my weekend! Tomorr…

Countdown - 1 week & 1 day


Hatiku sangat berdebar-debar sekarang!

Just came back from meeting my wedding team who will be coordinating the reception nanti. Went through the running order with them. And I'm hoping that the reception will run accordingly and smoothly!!

I'm actually nervous! Takut sangat kucar kacir! But, I've got a great team helping me out. They are all Cardiffians :) and I trust their event management and organization skills! I'm leaving the flow to them! And hopefully everything goes on smoothly, InsyaAllah.

I'm hoping that my family can co-operate with my wedding team. I need to brief everybody on how it will be etc. Serious, bridezilla okay!! But, I am finding it very hard to let go of control! Argh. So just bear with me okay? Seminggu je lagi! Haha.

Oh oh, went to pick our wedding bands!! So cantikkkkkk! I felt a bit sad masa amik cincin tadi since tak tau la bila lagi nak masuk jewellery store kan? So I told Fiance that I was going to cherish that mo…

Countdown - 1 week & 2 days



I had an extremely long day today!

I was still working today. Cuti officially starts tomorrow. Weehoo! I kept on saying to my friends that today is my last day at work as a MISS!! Hehe. I'm pretty sure I sounded like a broken record! But my friends and department mates (boss included!) are the sweetest! Layan je karenah I! Hehe.

Over lunchtime, I went to see Adib of Arma Wedding Couture. Sent my hantaran items. Pheww, glad that's sorted! Will pick them up on Friday nite.

Then, after work I went to Syomir's to take the extra material for my tudung. Fiance's baju nikah pun dah siap and dah ambil! Hehe. Mine will be ready next week!

After Syomir's, met up with Zaidan of Shutterspeak to discuss the concept of our video nanti! Am actually very excited to see how that will turn out!!

And now here I am, dead tired and cranky! It's past my bedtime already! Nitey nite!!

Countdown - 1 week & 3 days

What have I been doing for tha past 3 days?

• Got my table numbers sorted (thanks Nana!)
• Finalised the running order for my reception! And emailed it to emcee and my wedding coordinators
• Andddddddd, best of all! Had a blast at my karaoke bachelorette partayyyy! This was organised by my department mates! *thank you thank you* :)

I want to put up pictures of the karaoke session. Tapi internet di rumah is down and masih tak pandai nak upload via bb! So, just make do with writings la for now okay?

Oh, I'm feeling more excited than nervous now!! *big big smile*

Countdown - 1 week & 6 days

Whoops! I missed a few days of my countdown. Hehe.

But, I'm happy to say that we have finally got everything for Fiance's hantaran. So Mom can stop nagging. Hee *peace Mom* Will send everything to Arma by next week hopefully.

We are also doing the food tasting for our nikah on Wednesday! Will also finalise all the tiny tiny details for the nikah then. Am praying that everything will turn out exactly as I imagined.

Hmm, what else? Oh oh! Picking up rings on Fridaaaayyyyy! Woot woot! Can't wait to see my band! And I chose one that is totally different from what I originally planned! But both myself and Fiance absolutely love it!

Oh I'm also taking the extra material from Syomir so that I can pass it on to Rizman, who will be making my tudung nikah. Sounds complicated? Nah, just a lot of work! Hee.

And finally, I've made progress on those corsages! Yahoo! 18 down, 32 more to go! Hehe.

I think that's about it at the 13 days mark!!

Countdown - 2 weeks & 3 days!

I've decided to do a countdown post till the wedding day!

My stress level is now more manageable! Haha. Simply because I have done a lot of things already. And because I have the sweetest set of friends and family, who are ever so willing to help. :) All I needed to do was ask.

I have mail out MOST of my cards. I still have a few to mail out but am just waiting for the addresses to come. Hee. But, yeah not too bothered since I dah ajak mulut.

We have also bought Fiance's hantaran items. Just need to get that TV! Yes, you read correctly. A TV! Mana la nak letak atas dulag kan? Arma siap tanya dua-tiga kali just to make sure I wasnt kidding. Sorry Arma, I really am serious! ;p

And we are also finished with the doorgifts! Honey is safely in jars, complete with the doily! Ok, I have to admit that I did not contribute much to this. Mom did most of the work, along with her supporting team of friends and family. Thank you thank you!

So yes, I wonder what will I cross off the list tomo…

Hand Bouquets ♥

This is to distract myself from the craziness of last minute wedding preparation! Oh, not to mention the family drama that comes along with it! Pfft.

For my Nikah, the theme is now Grey and Pink. I'm getting all my friends to wear pink on the day! And thankfully enough, they're all very sporting like that ;p

So, for my hand bouquet, my friend found this on SMP (I have no time to browse thru' wedding blogs anymore, how sad kan?!)

Arent they the sweetest? So fitting for an Akad Nikah kan?

I'm showing Arma this, hopefully he can come up with something similar or better yet, exactly like this! :)

3 weeks?!


Oih, my stress level nowadays is very the tinggi!

I'm going to list out what I need to do (and you'll understand why the stress level is such!)

1. Post cards out!
2. Print out table numbers
3. Finish corsages for family members
4. Get borang kebenaran done!!!!!!
5. Meet up with Zaidan of Shutterspeak
6. Ask Arma re hand bouquets and hantaran
7. Get flow of the day finalise!
8. Buy Fiance's hantarans! Urgh *scowls at Fiance*

That's all that I can think of now. I'm sure there's more to this.

Oh oh, and to top it all, work at the office is piling. Great. That's just LOVELY.

Royal Mail!

We received our cards already!!

Loving the cards! Hating the writing the names bit!

I took a picture of the card, nak kasi you all semua tengok. Tapi tak pandai nak upload via BB. Hehehe, nak jugaaaak cakap baru pakai BB ;p

Nanti bila dah pandai, I upload la ok. But, no promises since my updates nowadays are slower than a snail's pace. :)

1 month and 2 more days!!!!! Freak.Out.Now!

I also like to say CONGRATULATIONS to my silent-reader-turned-good-friend, Marissa for her wedding last Saturday! You looked stunning babe, as always :) Here's to a lifetime of blissful happiness :)