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Okay, one of my personal goals here is to lose some weight.

After almost a month here, I haven't started on any exercise regime nor have I started dieting. #facepalm

The only exercise I get here is the walks that I *have* to take wherever I go. My pedometer says I take on average of about 5,000+ steps each day. And that's not enough! I need to take 10,000 steps each day in order to shift that fat. Gah.

And although I'm not dieting, at least I'm eating good healthy food. More soups, salads, vegetables and fruits. And the occasional chocolates and candies:p So, not too bad.

But, I'm STILL not losing the kgs! Aih. Losing weight is no easy feat man.

So, I've decided to start running. Only to realised that I don't have my running shoes *slapsforehead*

Now, I'm scouting around for good, comfortable, long-lasting and not-too-pricey running shoes.

For a girl who has a LOT of shoes and LOVE 'em pretty soles, I have no skill in choosing good running shoes. Pret…


My BB that is.

I currently use Blackberry Bold 2 in black with a missing panel below the keypad, exposing the screws and chips which are not meant to be seen. UGLY, I tell you.

But, I stuck with it. Didn't even bother to replace the panel.

Honestly, the phone is still okay. If I don't use too much data, battery will last me till evening. I can still call, text, BBM, whatsapp, take pictures etc. Of course, every once in two days I have to take out the battery, because it hangs. But, I've gotten used to it.

While I may have accepted the flaws of my BB, my husband (and the rest of the world) cannot.

So, I now have that itch to get a new one.

In London, no one uses Blackberry. Because it's super boring. Doesn't take nice pictures, nothing-to-shout-about display bla bla bla. I've never used to care about all this until...

Apple came into my life. So far, I am using the iMac, the iPod and the iPad. Which I love!

So, naturally I want an iPhone.

My friend, Jid has told …

Tanah tumpah darahku

Oh, hello blog readers (that is, if I still have them after abandoning this blog for a looonggg time!)

Just dropping in to say hi!

And to say that I'm now in Londonnnnnn!

Not forever though, just here for 3 months. And without my Husband! :(

I'm missing him soo bad, but I'm also enjoying my time here. C'mon, it's London, taman tumpahnya darahku, literally!

So, hopefully now that I finally have Internet connection at home, I'll be able to blog more.

Laters lovelies!