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The other side ;)

Whoops, I've been so engrossed with my own reception that I just realised I haven't put up any pictures from Husband's side.

We had two Majlis Bertandang; the formal one for FIL's friends and associates and the other more relaxed one especially for families.

Kekeringan idea nak menulis, so sila la menjamu mata :)

Photograher Extraordinaire

There's none other than Saiful Nang!

At least in our eyes.:)

Engaging SN to be my wedding photographer is one of the best investment I made. We've received some of the photos already and we are blown away!

Personally, I think SN's strength lies in his eye for the tiniest detail. And that is exactly what I want in a photographer. I want the different emotions, that gorgeous detailing of the pelamin, those little beads on the dress to be captured. For those are the moments that I want to be able to remember.

The man himself is very down-to-earth and friendly. We went for a night photography (so so fun!) after the reception. And SN was very patient in directing us stiffboards!

Okay, enough photog-crush-talk! Nah, enjoice ;)

Oh, and try to control those drooling *wink*

I absolutely heart the last picture! SN did an amazing job capturing the different emotions on our faces! Just fabulous!

Are you still drooling? Don't say I didn't warn ya! *wink*

Same Ol' Same Ol'

I'm back on! With the same layout, blergh.

For a while, I kept my blog private because I wanted to revamp the layout. But, as emails kept pouring in (eceh, macam banyak :p), asking for permission to view the blog, I thought I'll just make it public again and work on the layout bit-by-bit.

So here I am.

I've been getting emails asking for more pictures of my reception. So, I'll do that first for now. I will give you a full-blown details on all of my events one fine day, InsyaAllah. That fine day I think is when I get that Imac! Hehe.

So for now, feast your eyes!

Hello Mr. & Mrs!

We are marriedddddddddd!! Alhamdullilah :)

*Just a short update to remind everyone that I'm still around ;) haha*

For now, I'll leave you with a sneak peek of our Akad.

Bak kata Saiful Nang, Enjoice! *wink*


Credit to Syomir Izwa for the beautiful baju kurung, Rizman Ruzaini for the simple yet gorgeous tudung and Sue Cantik for the exquisite make-up. Thank you for making me gorgeous! Hehe.

Countdown - 3 days!

Call me Mrs. in 3 days!

Am dead tired from running around the whole city to get things done!

Monday I had another hen night! This time, organized by my Cardiff gfs. Twas a fun night - lovely company and lovely view. Pictures can be found on my fb, that is if you're friends with me. Haha. Sorry semua lepas kahwin ok?

Tuesday - Pavillion to shop for something nice for myself (and soon-Husband), ahaha. And met up with the Jurunikah at night. Fiance siap practice akad nikah lagi. Beberapa kali pulak tu. Dah tak surprise dah nanti, haha.

Today - Went to pick up table numbers at Kota Damansara, checked out the Reception Hall, Syomir's to pick-up baju nikah (absolutely gorgeous! *love love*) and RR's to pick up reception dress (stunning as well(!))

Thankfully, running around ends today. Tomorrow I have the whole day planned to pamper myself. Wax in the morning, spa after and best of all(!) pakai inai at nightttt!

Woot woot! I'll be having my family and closest friends over tom…