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Bali ♥

I'm going to Baliiiiii!

After my passport drama, we are now set to lounging in the Sun, stuffing ourselves with seafood and just relax.

Leaving in a while, so all of you take care and see you when I get back.

Oh, I also would like to commend Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia for the very efficient service. Got my passport in under an hour yesterday! *thumbs up*




I am sooooo ignorant/pelupa/careless/doof!!

You know why?

Well, I'm going to Bali on Wednesday and as I was going through the itineary, I remembered that my passport is expiring at the end of the year! Wayyyyyy past the 6 months travel period!

Sakit jantung sekejap! Then quickly asked my colleagues how long would renewal take. And thank heavens it now takes an hour, max two.

After i've sorted out what to do - printed off the documents needed, photocopied my IC and called Mom for my passport photos - I calmly bbm-ed Hubs.

Let's just say he wasn't too happy. Eek.

So, first thing tomorrow morning, I'm heading to PBD to renew my passport! Doakan dapat terus k? Amin.

Cousin's Wedding: Anis & Faizal

Last weekend, my cousin got married! It was a three-day affair with the Akad kicking-off the wedding marathon on Friday night. It ended beautifully with the Groom's side on Sunday.

I will not go into much details, but I will pick & choose vendors that I think is worth highlighting!

And first off is their videographer! Everybody LOVES the video!! It is refreshingly different from what we see in the market. This, in my humble opinion, even tops Manggis!

The company is called Gregs Video. And they are just brilliant! Really, my writing skills cannot justify their brilliance. So, just check out the video.

'Satu Cinta' // Majlis Perkahwinan Faizal & Anis. Wedding Highlights from GREGS Significantztouch on Vimeo.

What do you think? Awesome, right?

Head on to their website and Facebook page for more info, yo!


I turned 27(!!) today :)

I had an awesome birthday - woke up to birthday (and anniversary) wishes from families and friends, was given my friend, Natte's reserved parking spot ( I didn't have to go all the way up to park, as per usual), had a yummy tuna cheese sandwich prepared by my other friend, Dina, was surprised by a sweet delivery by my Husband, had a superb birthday lunch celebration with the rest of my batch (complete with "domestic-goddess-themed" cupcakes and a basket of chic pressies from my dearest friends) and finished off with a lovely birthday dinner with my family at Meatworks!

Thank you to everyone who wished me via Twitter, FB, Gtalk and texts. Each of your wishes really warms my heart :)

I'm thankful for everything and everyone that I have in my life. I'm one lucky girl.

This 27 yo is definitely happy!


Melaka, Malacca

This is one of my favourite states in this country!

It all started when I first went to Melaka for my department's family day back in 2008. I fell in love with the place but didn't have enough time to explore the city then. Came back and told then-boyfriend that the first road trip that we're taking together would be to Melaka!

And so we did, last Wesak weekend.

We had a blast there. We explored the city; went to Jonker Walk, ate good food, bought knick knacks, rode on the beca, got ourselves much-needed massage and just being with each other.

We stayed at a new hotel, Casa del Rio. And I'm glad we booked our room there!


Check it out yerself.

That's the hotel at night taken from across the river

We were greeted with cold towel and lime & ginger sorbet. That was very refreshing on a really hot day

That's the magnificent lobby, even more stunning at night

The room is lebar & panjang. Quite spacious for the two of us. I love the layout, …


Today, one year ago, we became Husband and Wife.

We became the Raja Sehari. We had the beautiful solemnization. And the gorgeous receptions.

And now, we are in this beautiful, wonderful journey of being Husband and Wife.

Looking forward to more years together.

I love you, always and forever.