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Hallway of Frames

The frames are finally up!

Remember I spray painted the frames white in preparation of this? Yeah, I finally put them up two weeks ago.

I really took my time doing this (almost 3 months!) and it is sooo worth it!

I chose my pictures carefully, thought long and hard about the design of the picture mat and tried and photographed many frames arrangement!

And here they are in our hallway. I couldn't be happier with the results!

In case you're wondering, I didn't drill any holes in the wall. Did that before and felt that it was all a bit too messy.

So this time around, I used 3M tapes for frames and they work like a charm!

And since I'm in a sharing (and chatty) mood, this is how I ensure that I get my frames to be exactly where it should.

I arranged everything that I want on that wall on the floor first. I measured the length and width of the wall and mirrored the measurements on the floor. I then measured the centre frame, the one with the heart-shaped inside, in order to…

Pretty Pastels

My lanterns, that is. 
They are now in pink and mint. And absolutely pretty! 
To recap, this is one of the lanterns in its original colour. Blue. Equals bleh. 

Before giving them their final colours, I coat them with white paint first. I would have used a primer but the hardware store that I went to didn't have any. So I figured white spray paint would do. And it did. 

I only did one coat of white paint on the lanterns and it did the job pretty well. I then spray painted the white-out lanterns in pink and mint, giving them 2-3 even coats per lantern. 

And here they are in their new pretty colours! I am absolutely in love with them. Seriously, was grinning like an idiot all week! 
I am especially in love with the mint one. Ahh, too pretty! 
Originally, I wanted them for the balcony, but because they're oh-too-pretty, I placed them in the living room instead. 
Already used them on one of our "date-nights-at-home"! 

Beautiful, aren't they? 
Ahh, the things I love th…