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If you noticed, I have been improving my blog's appearance bit by bit. I hope you're liking how it's coming along :) 
On the right bar here, I've included some social media buttons for you to contact or follow me. So, all you gotta do is click on any of the icons and you'll be directed to my pages. Follow me there as I'm hoping that I'll be more active in those pages too *crossing fingers* #nopromises 
Andddddd, my images are now pin-able! How awesome is thatttt?! If you like any of my photos that I posted in this blog, you can just hover on any particular photo and a "pin it" button will appear. I'm actually really stoked at the fact that I was able to do that! #ITnoob 
So there you go. Small improvements that's easy on my eyes and yours! 
Happy pin-ning!  

emel by Melinda Looi

I gotta be honest. When I first saw that Melinda Looi's RTW is coming to Fashion Valet, I dismissed it. Totally. I actually went "Meh, not interested!"

But, despite my non-interest, I actually went to the website to check it out. And mannnn, I underestimated Melinda Looi! 
Her collection for Raya 2013 is so cantik! I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the line up. 
And the great thing about her collection is that a portion of the proceeds will go to a charity called PERNIM. That's Persatuan Kebajikan Anak Pesakit HIV/Aids Nurul Iman Malaysia. 
I googled PERNIM and learned that it is an NGO that helps the children of HIV/AIDS patients. So the money they get, will be used for the kids education, health and what not. 
I think it's great that Melinda Looi is using her creative talent to raise funds for charity. I'm embarrassed that I even think that she can't come up with a good collection and even more since she's doing this to help out others! Ahhh, so…

Mimpikita Lebaran 2013

And the ready-to-wear for Eid keeps on coming.

This time, it's Mimpikita.

They released their collection on their Facebook page today. Thanks to Mona for highlighting this first thing in the morning :p

When you look at the collection, you can tell that it's Mimpikita. It has their signature look - bold colours, the modern chic prints and the overall design.

I love the colours used in this collection - fushcia, canary yellow, cobalt blue. So bright and cheerful. And I love that they mix around the colours so you get a lil bit of colour blocking there. Definitely not your typical Raya outfit.

I have a few that I love, naturally.

I'm sitting this collection out. For now.

There are a few more designers that's coming out with their RTWs. I think I need to strategize my money. Eek.

Interestingly, prices aren't published in Mimpikita's FB. Or did I miss that?

So, for you girls who are still looking for baju raya, look no more. Tailors have stopped taking in orders any…

Vintage kurung

I've been rummaging my mom's closet for her old baju kurungs.

My mom has a HUGE collection of baju kurungs, even after giving away loads already. She loves her materials; silk, sateen, raw silk, japanese cotton. You name it and she has it in somewhere in her closet. Now you know who I take up after :p

Anyways, my mom still keeps a small collection of her old kurungs. Most are the kurung modern that we're used to now - puffed sleeves and boat necks. But somehow hers has a very vintage feel to it.

And the great thing is? They all fit me perfectly, as if they are made for me! I just LOVE wearing my mom's kurung from the yesteryears. I LOVE that my body is the exact ofmy mom's when she was my age. That's just crazy awesome!

I want to keep and take extra care of these kurungs. I may just pass it down to my future daughter (s) one fine day. That'll be a great tradition.

SSF Carpets

Yesterday I dragged my husband to SSF Curtain Bandar Sri Damansara to have a look at their carpet collections.
I know that they carry modern carpets since I got our existing one from there almost 3 years ago.

In the car, my husband said, "I think we're gonna find one here!"

Well, he was too optimistic. Because we left without a carpet. Sigh.

This time around, SSF had a lot of those shaggy ones. Not my cup of tea. But, I notice that they are of really good quality as well, feels soft and lush. So if you're looking for those shaggy ones, go on to SSF. They were priced from rm1000+. Didn't check the exact pricing since I'm not into those shaggy kinda carpets.

I found two designs that I like. And one that I was totally in love with. But they were all wrong. Sizing, colour, style - all does not fit into our home.

This one is really lush. You can't really see it from the picture, but the colour of the roses are a mix of black, beige and grey. I love that you c…

Salvatore Ferragamo

Yeah, you know I'm gonna talk about their shoes, kan?

You know that Citibank credit card holders got an invitation for a presale with an additional 10% off, kan?

If you dont know, head on to Ferragamo now and go apply for a Citibank card pronto. :p

On Thursday, Dina and I went to Ferragamo KLCC for lunch. I knew that I was going to make a purchase. I've been browsing the website for the past week, thinking of the shoes that I want to get.

And, as if by fate, the email from Citibank came into my inbox. Read it and decided then that I will be buying something. Haha.
So did I?

Tried these on. 

And which one did I choose?
Man, I'm so glad I got them. They are so lush. And the gold detailings made it even more luxurious. And with the price I paid? Very worthy. 
Go check out your nearest Ferragamo! 

The Great Gatsby

Watched the movie over the weekend. And ohmygod, I LOVE!

For those who haven't watched, don't worry! I'm not doing a movie review, so there won't be any spoilers here.

This movie is one of the most beautiful I've seen. It is visually mesmerizing.

Everything is glittery and golden. The parties extravagant and over the top. The characters beautiful and smart.

And the dresses that they wore! Ahhh, so so pretty.

Thru out the movie, I was ooh-ing and aah-ing to myself at the main character's dresses.

Aren't they beautifullll? Fur and embelishments, glitters and bows, pearls and lace. So soft and feminine.

I have never paid much attention to 1920s fashion until now. This is one fashion trend that I do not mind following. 
And because I'm so inspired, I have put together some Gatsby-inspired outfit. 

This is what I would wear to a wedding. Gatsby-style.

Syomir Izwa RTW Eid 2013

I am wow-ing over Syomir's ready-to-wear for Eid 2013!

Sleek and simple designs which scream CHIC all the way. 
Okay, I have raved and raved about Syomir so many times on this blog. In fact, when a lot of you email     asking my opinions on which designer to choose for your bridal outfits, I always say Syomir Izwa. Go to Syomir Izwa! 
He is still my number one recommendation because time and time again he produces gorgeous and timeless designs. If you notice, Syomir doesn't do beadings, which is a fresh breath of air. Instead he plays with the material to create flows and pleats which always gives out that chic feminine feel. 
If you don't believe me, go check out his collection here. And tell me if you're not converted! 
Now is a great time to own a Syomir Izwa design with the RTW. This year's prices for his designs are really competitive compared to last. So, really go get one! 
I have ;) 

Happy Birthday Jid!

My friend, Jid turned 29 today!!

She's on maternity leave now, having just given birth to her second (!!!) son 3 weeks ago.

Today, a few of my friends went to her house to celebrate. I couldn't be there as I had a few events to attend today. *sob*

But, the pictures that my friend posted looks beautiful. Natte made a rainbow birthday cake and it looked absolutely divine.

To my dearest J, hope you had a wonderful birthday. I pray that you and your lil family be blessed always with boutifuls of rezeki and happiness. Here's to a lifetime of friendship! Love you xx A

I think I should stop before you cringe and puke. When I say you, I dont mean you my dear readers. I meant her, the girl who's heart is made of steel. Hehe. I kid, Jid. :p

Orked byJovian Mandagie

Jovian Mandagie is fast becoming one of my favourite designers. 
His latest collection, Orked by JM is oh-so-pretty!

I used to dislike his bridal dresses because I felt they were a bit too heavy. I prefer something simpler and more classic. I personally think that sometimes, less is more.

But lately, JM's designs, bridal and non, are simply breathtaking. He kept it simple and sleek. And that really hits the spot for me. I think his cut is really flattering for most women and I just love the silhouette that he came up with.

I say most, because, his ready made kurungs doesn't fit me perfectly because I'm shorter than average (or petite, if you want to be fancy) and chubbier. My proportion is a bit off these days, haha.

The name Orked is apt for this collection, since every design feels very feminine. The soft, flowy lines and the pastel colours are just so beautiful. It is very difficult to resist this one.

When it came out, I was on the website, patiently waiting for it to…

Simply Bridal


Thinking back to my own wedding, the one thing that I really wanted to be perfect was my dresses.

I spent months researching on the styles, fabric and designers. And it's not easy. If only there is a one stop place or website that offers this. All you have to do is go to the website and browse thru the styles and fabrics.

And that is why I got all excited (and jealous!) when I found out about SimplyBridal.

The website offers a HUGE range of bridal dresses, all designed by its team of designers whose experiences combined are out of this world. They've even designed for BCBGMAXAZARIA, guys! So, you know that they put the highest benchmark for their designs and pays attention to the highest quality in their fabrics and embellishments.

What I love most about their website is that they've arranged their dresses according to several criteria like fabric, sleeve length, train length and silhouette. For a girl who gets reallly excited seeing things organised properly,…

Cute Paper Bows

How cute are these paper bows? 
I am obsessed! Idea is from How About Orange and she is too kind to provide a free printable template for these babies. So easy, this literally can be done in 2 minutes! 
I can imagine so many ways to style these bows, that if I sit and think of the possibilities, I would have just hyperventilate myself! :p
You can do solid colours from all the colours of the rainbow, mix and match the colours, colour blocking (!!!!), pastel...... Cannot take the excitement! 
And that's just colours! The possibilities are endless for this simple but versatile bows. 

Go check out How About Orange now and start bow-ing! :p

All photos belong to PinkBrolly Events. I'll be more than happy if you want to share them, but I would also appreciate very much if you could credit and link them to this blog. Thanks :)

Futuristic, what?

That was the theme of my company's annual dinner. 

What are you supposed to wear to a futuristic-themed dinner?

Without looking like Lady Gaga.

I wanted to be part of the theme without looking like a weirdo.

Googling gives you all kinds of crazies. From transparent  glow-in-the-dark top to what look like a kuali on top of your head. Sorry, but no thanks.

What I came up with was an all-black ensemble, with gold glitter detailing on my shoulders and neckline. The tunic top looks a lil' bit like the Star Trek uniform, which is quite cool. All by chance, I didnt intend to wear something from the movie. Paired it with a black jeggings, and voila, I had a chic futuristic outfit!

I didn't want to spend so much for the dinner, so I did my own hair and Sherly did my makeup. It turned out pretty good. *pat on the backs for us*

All in all, I had a good time dressing up. And to see the other people who went all out with their outfits. Seriously, you should have seen some of …


My fellow Malaysians,

Tomorrow is not just another Sunday, it is the day that we the rakyat gets to exercise our rights to choose our Government. This does not come often, so don't miss your chance to be part of the democratic process.

Wake up early, put on your smartest and prettiest outfit (for #ootd on Instagram) and vote!

Vote for a better nation. And vote for our future.

Have fun tomorrow and let's pray for the best for our country.


Blake Lively is so lucky!

I've been admiring Blake Lively's engagement ring since yesterday.
I was at home alone, (Husband was working late) and I jumped from one website to another.

And that's when I came across her ring. So so beautiful.

Isn't that stunning? Jewelers say that the ring is between 10 to 12 carats!! Holy moly *jaw drops* The centre is a huge light pink oval diamond, which is uncommon, set on a three-row micro-paved diamond band. So so beautiful! 
This is up there on my list. 
And no, it's not a to-buy list, rather a favourite-things-but-can-never-get kinda list. Hehe. 
For all of us commoners without an A-list Hollywood actor (or their kinda bank balance) as a husband, we'll just settle for the 0.5 carat la eh? 
Kena squint nak tengok pun jadilah. :p 

Bridal Bouquets

Do you get confused with the many types of bouquet out there?

'Fret not, for I've got this infographic to help you out. 

I personally love the composite and biedermeier bouquets. Don't you just love how posh biedermeier sounds? 
No more "I want lots of red roses to make one not-too-small-not-too-big bouquet". Now you say, "I'd like the biedermier bouquet please." *fans self* 
You don't mess with the bride-to-be who knows her different types of bouquet! 

Birthday Photobooth: Sophia Nadine

This post has been in my draft as soon as the party ended, but I just couldn't finish it. I started typing out half a page, but felt that it wasn't good enough. But I thought I'd better get this done and over with. This project is one of my proudest yet. Hence, the difficulty in making sure that I tell the story perfectly. But like this project, it comes with imperfections. So, embrace the imperfections for that makes it perfect! :)  
Yesterday, I delivered a 6ft tall photobooth. And oh, what a drama it was!

I was asked by my friend, Deensy to design a photobooth for her daughter's third birthday party. The theme, she told me was Disney Princesses! I was beyond excited because just a few weeks before, I was thinking to myself how fun would it be to design a girl's party. So, I was all geared up for this party.

She told me that her daughter, Soph loves the movie Tangled, which is adapted from the fairy tale, Rapunzel. She loves the long hair that Rapunzel h…