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Burned Out

Hi guys,

It's really getting more and more difficult to update this ol' blog of mine. I just wasn't in the mood to share anything in the past few months, but today ahhh the mood to write strikes. :)

I actually wanted to share with you guys about my Yogyakarta trip. I had all the posts written, in my head, when I was there. But, they remained in my head and now I've forgotten all about it. And since then, I've been to Japan for work, did some fun parties for PinkBrolly Events and more. -_____-

Today, as I was stuck in the massive jam (what is up, KL?!) I thought about what I want in my life. Yeap, deep thoughts to entertained in the evening.

Truthfully, I am feeling so blergh with my job. See, I'm a scholar and I'm currently serving my bond. I have two more years before this bond ends and I have been weighing in on my options. After 6 years in the investment world, I can safely say that I do not have any passion for it. Sometimes I like what I do, but increa…