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And guess who it is?!

My idaman hati, Saiful Nang himself!!! Ahhhhh, am very very happy, satu hari senyum lebar walaupun terpaksa bekerja! Hee... ♥

More on SN soon. Have to get ready for my last New Year's Eve as a "single" gal ;)

Oh, Happy New Year to all! May the new year brings in love, happiness and a hand to hold always :) And of course, rezeki yang murah juga sangat dialukan.

This is where my fiance will be for the next 10 days! Boohoo!! Anyone wants to take me out for tea or dinner or gymming? :(

Ahhh, Mr (or Miss) Photographer!

I dont have one.

Belum lambat lagi kan nak book photogs? Aihhh, I did this on purpose. Because I dont know who to choose! There are just too many out there. And they are all pretty good too!

But, I have been in contact with MU Photography (that's Udey Ismail and Mukhriz Latif's new company, btw) and Candid Syndrome.

Cuma, they haven't given me any appointment slots. Yet. Soon I hope. Like before 31st of December, 2-0-0-9.

See, MU Photography has an ongoing promotion now. And it's an irresistible one too I must add. The problem? It ends tomorrow. I first emailed them on the Christmas Day weekend, and got a call from Jastina, the PR person I think, on Monday. Told her I want to see Udey on Wednesday and she said he will follow up with me. Since he didnt, I texted him this morning, but no reply. Texted Jastina, again nothing! It is either they are very busy layan-ing the customers, or they are trying to delay my appointment till after the promotion expires so that they can ch…

Hello Rizman Ruzaini, Bye Bye Syaiful Baharim!

Shocking kan? After my last post on Syaiful Baharim.

So what happened?

Ok, yesterday evening me and mom went to Jakel to get the lace. Sampai je Jakel, pegi la kat tingat kain exclusive tu, focus hanya untuk mencari lace. I wanted a simple, CHEAP, non-beaded lace. Any kind, asalkan cantik. The SA who helped us, who happens to be the owner and Mom's friend, mestilah tunjuk yang beaded Solstiss je. Without a doubt, Solstiss lace IS exquisite. Memang tengok muka automatically berseri-seri, bibir tersenyum-senyum. But, boy, the price! MasyaAllah..!

I was actually quite good; I actually said NO because the laces that she showed me are all very expensive, jenis ribu2 PER METRE! And I was looking to buy 4 metres of lace! So I said to Kak S (the owner), I prefer the simpler one, no beads, tak payah la Solstiss2 ni. So, she showed me some, plain, simple and sweet, I didnt have a problem getting just that.


Kak S: Who's your designer nanti?

Me: Syaiful Baharim..

Kak S: Oh, Syaiful. Di…

Of venues!....Aihhhhhhhh...

I had a looooong day today!

Pagi-pagi sudah kecoh dengan VENUE! See, my family and I had already agreed on 3 events; Nikah, Malam Berinai Besar and the Reception. To make things easier, I'm going to put this in a table;

Well, that's the original plan. uncle came this morning and advised us to rethink the plan. He's worried that we would be too "lusuh" (his words, not mine ;) to have the events back-to-back.

So, rethinking we did!! I thought maybe if we have the Malam Berinai at another place, then it wouldnt be too tiring kan? So, off we went searching for potential venues. I've always had a picture of this place called The Laman saved in my lappy, so I terus zoomed in my research to this place.

Cantikkan the place? Tapi nak locate bagai nak gila jugak la since the picture or the source did not mention anything on the location. Googling didnt help either, trust me I've exhausted all key words to find this place. In the end, I tanpa segan silu t…

Majlis Pertunangan Ad & Syah 12/12/2009

Yes, I owe this entry! So here goes, it's a long one, dont say I didnt warn you!


We DIY-ed everything, but then again, it wasnt anything major pun. Just had to gubah the bouquets of flowers; we had one by my cleopatra chair where my sarung cincin was done and another just to create the right ambiance (eceh :p)

Check out the bouquet, done mostly by Mom and Aunt.

Sorry thats the best picture I can find. Nanti bila official photographer dah kasi gambar I'll upload again ok?

We cleared out everything from the house, except for that little black and white cleopatra chair. Dimana saya telah disarungkan cincin oleh bakal Aunty-in-law. My fiance's parents did not come because according to the Adat (mungkin adat orang Johor sahaja ye), only the wakil of the parents will come to the Upacara Pertunangan.

Next... Hantaran

We also DIY-ed the hantarans. Dulang hantaran disewa dengan Merisik Gallery . I took the white crystal dulangs, very chic. Hehe, sesuai la dengan my en…

Face-to-face with Syaiful Baharim!

Oh Mon Dieu! I met with Syaiful this morning and I'm still on cloud nine! :D

Haihhhhh ♥

Ok, enough with me berangan and on with the details!

Let's start with the man himself, Syaiful Baharim. This designer is very down-to-earth. Sangat baik and tak buat orang rasa intimidated nak cakap dengan dia. As it turns out, I didnt(!) get a chance to print out all my wedding dress inspirations! Arghh, I had so many saved in my laptop, tapi tak sempat nak print!! So I went armed with nothing to show and everything in my head!

Here's a snippet of my conversation with him;

Him: So, what designs are you looking at?

Me: (Since semua dalam kepala, cakap je ape yang ingat) Erm, I know I want chiffon, I love your kedut kedut design yang you buat for Goddess Collection, and I tak nak typical head-to-toe lace dress with heavy beadings. I nak fit-and flare skirt, nak two piece....

While I was explaining my jumbled-up designs, he started sketching(!!!) and after a while I just shut up, becau…

Syaiful Baharim!

Ok, I know I'm skipping a post on the review of my engagement, BUT I have an appointment with Syaiful Baharim tomorrow!! That deserves a post asap, kan?! Hehe..

Can wait to see what he can come up with for my baju reception! I have yet to print out some of my design inspirations :s Will do that soon, am just in a very lazy mode to do anything! Hence, the lack of my E-day post :p

I'll update more on Syaiful Baharim APABILA RAJIN! hehe ;)

I'm officially engaged!!

Just a sneak preview of my engagement on 12 December 2009! Full details to come as soon as I get over my sakit2 badan..hee :p

Busy Bee!

Only 2 days to the E-day!! I have so much to do and so many details to share!!! Wait for a full blown details on my E-day soon! Hehe....;)

Logo, baby!

Yeay! I designed my own collage!! Am so happy with the results! I love making pictures collages, but before this I yang buta IT ini, cuma guna Paint and PowerPoint sahaja. So, very limited la the designs. But, I was playing around with Picasa, and voila! After 3 hours on Picasa, I'm quite satisfied with what I did! Hehe :p

I now love my blog layout! Boleh la update selalu, hehe :p

Cross cross

Hmmm, it's been awhile since I've updated PinkBrolly..but! I have crossed out a few to-do items from my list! Yeay!!

I have...

...bought my kain nikah, which I absolutely love!! Its gorgeousss! Nanti bila dah ada camera, Ill upload here :p

...bought my love's kain nikah as well as his sampin songket yang match dengan my kain nikah!

...bayar duit dulang, which I'm renting from Merisik Gallery! I'm taking the white dulangs with crystal tu, and mom will decorate it!

So yes, there goes my gaji for this month! Urgh nak bertunang pun banyak guna duit!! Ni tak bayar lagi duit baju, photog and make-up! Uwaaaaaaa!! Please please bagi bonus banyak! Amin.

p/s Oh oh, nasib baik one of my aunties is sponsoring the kek hantaran :) Tak payah guna duitku :p