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Of venues!....Aihhhhhhhh...

I had a looooong day today!

Pagi-pagi sudah kecoh dengan VENUE! See, my family and I had already agreed on 3 events; Nikah, Malam Berinai Besar and the Reception. To make things easier, I'm going to put this in a table;

Well, that's the original plan. uncle came this morning and advised us to rethink the plan. He's worried that we would be too "lusuh" (his words, not mine ;) to have the events back-to-back.

So, rethinking we did!! I thought maybe if we have the Malam Berinai at another place, then it wouldnt be too tiring kan? So, off we went searching for potential venues. I've always had a picture of this place called The Laman saved in my lappy, so I terus zoomed in my research to this place.

Cantikkan the place? Tapi nak locate bagai nak gila jugak la since the picture or the source did not mention anything on the location. Googling didnt help either, trust me I've exhausted all key words to find this place. In the end, I tanpa segan silu terus text Kak Yartie, the photographer who took this pic, tanya the exact location of the place. I have to say, she was very very helpful! Dahla tak interested pun dengan her services, pastu tanya lebih2, siap text 2-3 kali :p Thank you Kak! So there, ladies and gentleman the Laman is located in Sg. Penchala. Very nice BUT BOOKED on the night of 5th June 2010!!! *masa ini kepala sudah pening, muka sudah masam*

Went home and sulked.

Then, my brilliant Mom came into my room with an idea.

Mom: Alaa, kita buat je la casual reception after the Nikah (originally takde, just makan breakfast amongst families). We split the guestlists. So, takdela ramai sangat nanti at the hall. Yang guestlists for malam berinai tu pun boleh masuk nikah kan?

Me: Hmm, bolehla kot. *still no mood*

Mom: Then, kita buatla morrocan night tu for reception. Guests for the reception tu kan kita dah limit, cosy la jugak nanti, so takdela sapa2 yang merenjis awak nanti. Suruh uncles and aunties je merenjis. *disclaimer: moroccan night is the theme for malam berinai, mmg satu family; sistas, uncles, aunties, cousins excited!*

Me: *Muka sudah berseri2* Oh can can!! We can just get a decorator for the reception la, so kita pun tak penat kan? *Dalam kepala, sudah tau siapa itu decorator! hehe..*

Mom: Haa, ok la tu. Dah. Settled.

Yes, everybody, my mom the cool and calm one. Tak macam anak dia, tak dapat je ape nak merajuk! Ermmmm, I swear I'm actually a cool person in real life :p Tis just the bridezilla bug I'm having :p

So yeah, I'm back to my happy, cheerful self! :D

So now, the events will be;

Ahaha, beria letak table, tak perlu pun. Ok, ignore please.

Alhamdulillah! I HOPE venue-related issues will not come up again!

Oh, important development - since theme of Reception now is Moroccan, baju juga perlu sudah diubah. And and.......
Wait for it!! *ahaha, annoying, I know*
Designer juga sudah berubah!!!! O-M-G!

Hehe, oh well that's an entry on its own! Nantikan ye kawan-kawan! :p

oh to those interested in The Laman, go ahead and ask me. :)

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