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AdzyHazaki, Artist

How cool would that title be, right? 
I just finished a very very simple art. To call myself an artist is actually an insult to the real artists of this world. 
There are so many talented people out there who can draw life-like portraits just by strokes of their pencils or paint 3D sculptures using spray paints; I can do neither. 
However, I do try to use my right brain as much as I can. And today is one of those days. 

It's far from perfect. But I'm loving the imperfections. I know I can do better, but for now, this one's a keeper. 

Journey of Lurveeee...

Did this today.

That first picture is taken just a week after we first got together. That was in March 2005.

And that last picture is our most recent, during Eid of this year.

Oh how time flies!

We've been through so much together.

Daripada kurus kepada gemuk.

Daripada muka muda remaja kepada muka matured (sikit).

Dari Cardiff ke Kuala Lumpur.

Daripada dating kepada berkahwin.


I'm one lucky girl! (and he's an even luckier guy. Haha.)

And this will now be on our gallery of frames.

Sassy with a touch of Boho

That's my style.

And I think it's pretty spot on!

I LOVE colours. I never can decide if I see something in an array of colours, I would want them all!

But having said all that, my house is not all that sassy because 1) I live with my husband (who's not so sassy!) and 2) the place comes with built-ins and existing furnitures, which have been very challenging to work with.

Slowly, very slowly, I'm making the house a little more homey for us.

Take the quiz here!

Back to Black

Sometimes, you just need to go black.

And this comes from a girl who LOVES colours!

Did this for my friend. I had fun spray-painting mine that I volunteered to do hers. *perks of being my friend. Haha.*

I first coat the frames in white before giving them a few coats of black. And whoa,  they look so awesome!

I'm divided between the white and the black frames but Husband prefers the latter. I guess the next wall of frames will be in black then!