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Countdown to Yogyakarta

2 more days before we leave for our short trip to Yogyakarta.

I am really looking forward to go. Haven't had a proper holiday in months! With the horrible haze that's engulfing us these past few days, I'm hoping that the weather in Yogya is fresher.

One of the sights that we wanted to see is Dieng Plateau. Dieng, as the locals call it, is a volcanic area that is 6,000 ft above sea water! There is about 8 small Hindu temples on the Dieng and that is also such a sight to see.

Well, on Google Images, that is.

I won't be able to show you pictures of my own because our tour guide just informed us that access to Dieng is now limited to due to road works. -___-

Our tour guide says that we can still go to Dieng, but would have to change vehicle nearer to the place, which we find quite of a hassle. So, we decided to give this place a miss.

Dang, if not I could have shown you a picture like this!

Pesto & Tomatoes

The other day, I had wholemeal bread with homemade pesto and fresh cherry tomatoes for breakfast. And it is so awesome. It's like a burst of freshness in your mouth. And sticking to my principle of easy and healthy, this meal checks both boxes! Will post up the recipe soon. Off to watch some good tv with my husband!  Have a good Friday night guys!

Kwerkee - Indian Rugs

Okay, my quest to find the perfect rug/carpet has not ended, by the way. Nor have I forgotten about it. My bare living room floors are my constant painful reminder. Urgh.

I'm subscribed to a lot of home decor and designs websites. And one of them is Kwerkee. This website is a sister website to Reebonz, the members-only shopping site for designer handbags and goods.

Kwerkee works on the same principle, only they sell quirky (hence the name, get it?!) home and decor stuff. And now they are currently having a sale for Indian rugs!

The colours and designs of the rugs are so beautiful!

See some of my favourites,

These carpets come in two sizes - 3ft by 5ft and 4ft by 6ft. I need 8ft by 5ft -_____-

Oh well, not my rezeki. Maybe yours?

Better hurry, these are only available for one more day. Your rug will be custom hand tufted for you after they have received the order and delivered in 21 business days.

Prices are rm750 for the smaller one and rm1,035 for the bigger one.

Cotton On Tees

I'm in this phase where I love that relaxed yet chic look of T-shirt and jeans.

I've always had this notion that T-shirt is meant for home and doing sports. So, my tees are mostly baggy ones that do not flatter a woman's curves.

Until I saw celebrities rocking the T-shirt look. They look so effortlessly chic. And more importantly, they look so comfortable.

I'm slowly collecting good quality tees which flatter my body. I was browsing around and saw that Cotton On has quite a collection!

1. Ampersand Tee, on sale now at RM15  2. Minnie Mouse Tee, on sale now at RM37.50 3. Owl Tee, RM59 4. Sequin Aztec Tee, RM59 5. Aztec Grey Tee, on sale now at RM15 6. Edgy Black & White Tee, RM59 7. Relaxed Tee, on sale now RM15 8. Slouchy Grey Tee, RM59 9. Studded Tee, RM59; promotion 2 for RM80 
Love all of 'em. These would be great to wear on our Yogyakarta trip also. 
Head on over to Cotton On for affordable clothes. And they're currently on sale, so some of the items ar…

Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal

Since being on the 25 Weeks to A New You challenge, I have changed the way I eat.

Previously, I have tried so many diets - no carbs, the fruits only fast, juice fast. All worked but none are sustainable. You know it didnt last since I'm still trying to loose weight now. -___-

This time around, I want to do it right. I want to make it my lifestyle. Therefore, I have learned to eat clean most of the time but also allowing me to eat "sinfully" whenever I feel like it. The key is moderation.

So far, I have been able to eat good. I prepare my meals now; breakfast and lunch are packed from home and I try to eat out less. Ironically, I suddenly do not crave for desserts, sweets and salty food much these days. I guess my sore muscles are a great reminder of the hard work that I had to put in just to burn 300 calories!

To make this a lifestyle, I want to make it simple and easy for myself. I want the quickest and simplest meal to make but also packed in taste and nutrients.

One e…

How I Got Rid of My Acne

I've had troubled skin ever since I was young. I was one of those unlucky girls that had pimples all over my face and body. 
I went on so many facials - Dermalogica, Sothys, Philip Wain - you name it, I did it.

I tried so many products - Lamer, Shiseido, SKII - all expensive but none worked.

And finally, I took Roaccutane for 6 months just prior to my wedding. It worked temporarily, but once I stopped the pimples came back with a vengeance. However, it did clear up my back acne up till now. So, yay for that!

While watching my wedding video for this post, I was SO shocked to see that my acne was so severe. I didn't notice in the photos since they're all airbrushed. And I actually forgot that it was that bad! No wonder I never leave the house without concealer then!

Towards the end of 2011, I was looking for acne treatments. I remembered I was really stressed out with my skin condition. It was then that my sister told me about

At that time, my sister was experienci…

Get Fit with POPSUGAR Fitness

Day 6 of 25 weeks!

Remember my motto now - "Move, eat well, live well"

I am so proud that I have been moving every single day since Tuesday. After a year of not doing vigorous exercise, it was really difficult to exercise. But, I am determined. I powered through and kept on with the exercises.

I was looking for a short but intense workout that I can easily fit into my schedule. And I found this - popsugartvfit on YouTube.

They have a variety of workouts, mostly 10 minutes each. So, I do this before I go to work or after dinner sometimes. These exercises should be easier to do once my fitness level increases. But , for now they work.

I have done three of their workouts already.

Belly Fat Blasting Workout, Tone Abs

This workout targets your core, but it's not your normal sit-ups exercises. The exercises in this video combines cardio and abs. So, each workout targets your abs while increasing your heart rate. So you burn fat and tone your tummy. Awesome, kan? There is no re…

Happy Birthday, Us!

Last weekend, Husband and I celebrated our birthdays. I turned 29 on the 8th and he turned 30(!!) on the 10th.

So, we had a mini birthday celebration weekend with our families and each other. It was nothing special, just going out for meals and spending time alone. As I grow older, I realised that I don't need the big, fancy parties or dinners anymore. I just want to spend it with people that matter - my families and my closest friends. 
Anyways, here is some snippets of what we did on our special days. 

Biggest Loser

Ahhhh, korang I'm so depressed! 
See, I've enrolled myself in my company's version of Biggest Loser called '25 Weeks to a New YOU!'

And today was the weigh-in and my first training session.

Okay, I know I have gained so much weight since my wedding. But when I saw my body details just now, I.freaked.out.

First of all, my body is just filled with fat. My degree of obesity is 23%! Holy moly right? I'm obese!!

My weight is now 58kg! I have to say that this is probably the heaviest I've been. Ever.

I am 10.5kgs over my ideal weight of 47.5kg. Sigh.

Seeing my body fat analysis was a HUGE wake up call.

Move, eat well and live well. That's going to be my motto from now on.

It's not easy. I've been sedentary and putting all sorts of nonsense into my body for the past year. But I"m going to try. Very hard.

I'm going to document my weight loss journey here, to push myself to lose.that.fat. So, I'm going to be as real and honest as I can be. …

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

We are going to Yogyakarta for a short getaway, yay! 
Husband and I have been talking about going away during our Month of Love since we got married, 3 years ago. We finally get to do so this year since there no cousins/relatives getting married this time around. 
Since I don't have a lot of annual leave (-___-) we decided to go someplace near. Husband loves the hustle and bustle of citylife and I've been wanting to see Borobudur, so Yogyakarta is the perfect destination for us! 
Aside from Borobodur, we haven't done our research yet as to what we want to see and do there. So any inputs from you would be awesome! 
I'm also looking forward to staying in the hotel. One thing about me is that I LOVE myself some fancy hotels! 
And the place we are staying at is just that. In pictures that is. I hope it's not one of those 'indah khabar dari rupa' type. 
Here, check it out. 
Pretty, huh? 
I can't comment much on this hotel until after I come back. 
I'm j…


I discovered the brand Hatch from A Cup Of Jo.

Before I go on, I just want to say that no, I am NOT pregnant. I'm sharing this here so that when the day comes for me, I remember this and I can purchase them then and obviously to share them with you girls who are currently preggers.

Okay, so now that that is out of the way, loooook at this!
Isn't this a brilliant idea?

The website says that the box includes these pieces;

1. An amazing-fit Cosabella x HATCH panty brief in lace-trimmed black, which offers you full coverage without sacrificing style

2. Knee-length modal nightgown that feels like an extension of your softest, coziest tee, and can be pulled down for nursing

3. Coordinated jersey robe that hits just below the knee, with attached belt for your convenience

4. Pair of delectable grey cashmere tube socks

... And I believe them!

So, if you are pregnant and looking for what to wear in the hospital, head on to Hatch to order yours now. They do international shipping, yay!


Feed a Family this Ramadhan - Carefugees

I've been fasting on Mondays and Thursdays to replace the days that I missed during the last Ramadhan.

The first day of my puasa ganti, a few weeks ago, was just bad okay. I woke up, contemplating whether or not to continue with my fast. Thought of all kinds of food that I could have, and the coffee I know is waiting for me at the office.

I powered through anyways, telling myself that I have niat-ed already.

At noon, I texted my Mom. "Laparrrrrr!! Asam pedas for buka?" Mom replied, "Sekejap je lagi. Okay I cook asam pedas." Like a 5 year old, I know.

Suffice to say, I ate to my heart's content during buka. The meaning of fasting just lost on me.

I'm sure we all have been through this. So very hungry that all you can think of is the glorious food that you're going to have for buka.

But, have we paused and thought of those who don't have that luxury? Those who had to "fast" all day and all night because they simply have to?

Wedding Anniversary #3

Whooop, 3 years already! 
And this is our video highlights from our Akad Nikah on June 5th, 2010. 

Some fun facts about the video; 
#1 No one has ever seen it other than myself and husband 
#2 They mis-spelled my husband's name. It's Syah, not SHah. Our pet peeves! 
#3 Both myself and husband were so.damn.thin. 
#4 Syomir and Arma have since moved from their old boutiques to swankier places now. 
#5 My skin was super bad. Scars and bumps can be seen even with makeup on. I'm so thankful it's so much better now. 
#6 The tok kadi was so late! And my husband were really anxious. 
#7 After the akad, everyone laughed out loud at my husband's firm and "no-perasaan" way of saying the akad and his priceless look of relief. 
#8 There was no official photo of my family during akad nikah because everyone was too busy! :( 
#9 The tile floor was extremely hot when we ran out towards the end of the video so KH could take a photo of us with the beautiful Mosque backgrou…

Acme Bar & Coffee

I'm sure most of you have heard of this lil' cafe called Acme Bar & Coffee or ABC, hidden in an apartment building called Troika, very near to KLCC.

I love this place especially because of its ambience. I just LOVE their decor. Very industrial chic. And they serve really good food too, so that's just an awesome combination.

Just last Friday, Sherly and I went to ABC for an after work coffee date.

We walked there, since it's super near our office. With the after-the-rain weather, we berangan like we were walking in London. Until we tried to cross the road and no one is nice enough to stop for us, that is! Haha.

Anyways, we shared the apple & olive oil cake and the sizzling brownie & oreo ice cream. Both so good! But, the brownie takes the crown lah, simply so so good.

Sherly took photos of the food but they're just too ugly too share. You might as well google as there are so many reviews on this cafe.

Photos that I took that night is of course their dec…

Be Prepared on Your Wedding Day!

So useful, this!

Print this and give a copy to your maid of honour/best friend/sister or whoever that will be close to you on your big day.

Often, brides forget the food and drink bit, but trust me, have some snack handy. Because you WILL be hungry. And don't forget straws! You don't want to ruin your lipstick :p

Okay, everything else is self explanatory.

You're welcome!

June, month of awesome!

Hello again, my favourite month of the year!
June is an eventful month in our lives - my birthday, husband's birthday and our anniversary!
So, yay June is here! (and pressies too, haha)
Till later, xx