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Hello Rizman Ruzaini, Bye Bye Syaiful Baharim!

Shocking kan? After my last post on Syaiful Baharim.

So what happened?

Ok, yesterday evening me and mom went to Jakel to get the lace. Sampai je Jakel, pegi la kat tingat kain exclusive tu, focus hanya untuk mencari lace. I wanted a simple, CHEAP, non-beaded lace. Any kind, asalkan cantik. The SA who helped us, who happens to be the owner and Mom's friend, mestilah tunjuk yang beaded Solstiss je. Without a doubt, Solstiss lace IS exquisite. Memang tengok muka automatically berseri-seri, bibir tersenyum-senyum. But, boy, the price! MasyaAllah..!

I was actually quite good; I actually said NO because the laces that she showed me are all very expensive, jenis ribu2 PER METRE! And I was looking to buy 4 metres of lace! So I said to Kak S (the owner), I prefer the simpler one, no beads, tak payah la Solstiss2 ni. So, she showed me some, plain, simple and sweet, I didnt have a problem getting just that.


Kak S: Who's your designer nanti?

Me: Syaiful Baharim..

Kak S: Oh, Syaiful. Dia suruh beli berapa metre lace? Dia pun carik kain kat sini...

Me: Oh ye ke? Syaiful said he needs 4metres.

Kak S: 4 metres cukup la for top-to-toe..

Me: Erm, tak untuk top je, bawah chiffon, tapi tu dia beli la. Ni dia nak lebih sbb nak letak kat veil semua nanti.

Kak S: Eh, 4 metres? Banyak sangat laaaaa, Syaiful ni memang macam ni.....(bercerita tentang complaints from her customers) U tanak try designer kitaorg? Rizman Ruzaini, yang buat baju Siti.....

Ok, when I heard that, my heart just stopped. Ok, drama tapi rasa macam tu la :p I have heard from other blogger brides that Jakel does have its own panel designer and I have also heard horror stories about Jakel and the designers. So, when she suggested Rizman, I got worried. Semua cerita2 yang dibaca di blog orang, teringat kembali (eceh).

I was a bit reluctant, but Mom said let's just see his sketches. Mana tau cantik and berkenan ke. I pun ikut je la.

Kak S called Rizman and 20 minutes and dozens of kain after, he came.

Borak2 cerita pasal concept, what I like etc, he sketched me his design for my baju reception. And I like it! The elements of the dress is similar to Syaiful's design. Kedut-kedut effect, lace top and flowy chiffon skirt. So, we said YES!

Then, he helped us picked out my kain. We ended up with the Solstiss lace with a Moroccan-inspired beadings paired with kain Italian double chiffon and satin silk. The colour is Yellowish-Goldish, not too deep, not too light. Perfect for my Moroccan theme. :)

So, now the kain is already with him, and my first fitting will be in April! *mental note: must loose weight before April*

Rizman quoted a price (for tailoring, materials not included) that Mom thinks is very reasonable. She said, "Eh, buat baju untuk Siti pun harga tak melampau kan? Bagus la dia ni." That's a sign that she likes la tu, si Rizman ni. :p

I'm actually slightly bummed that I didnt get to send my dress to Syaiful. The main reason is solely because I hate to be put in a spot like that. I had to decide right then and there, in Jakel dan dikelilingi lace2 cantik, SAs and designer. I'm a girl that likes to sleep on things first before deciding! Especially on something BIG and IMPORTANT like my baju reception. (Erm, I do care about other things in the world too, like world peace ;)) So, when I had to immediately say yes, I felt like I was rushed. So, hati I macam tak berapa sedap. But, I truly do like his design, tak banyak difference pun dengan design Syaiful, cuma ya la, kesian la Syaifulllll!! Tapi, takpelah....

Hehe, but I love love my kain! I hope my baju will turn out gorgeous!!

Feel free to email me for Rizman's price :)

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