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Face-to-face with Syaiful Baharim!

Oh Mon Dieu! I met with Syaiful this morning and I'm still on cloud nine! :D

Haihhhhh ♥

Ok, enough with me berangan and on with the details!

Let's start with the man himself, Syaiful Baharim. This designer is very down-to-earth. Sangat baik and tak buat orang rasa intimidated nak cakap dengan dia. As it turns out, I didnt(!) get a chance to print out all my wedding dress inspirations! Arghh, I had so many saved in my laptop, tapi tak sempat nak print!! So I went armed with nothing to show and everything in my head!

Here's a snippet of my conversation with him;

Him: So, what designs are you looking at?

Me: (Since semua dalam kepala, cakap je ape yang ingat) Erm, I know I want chiffon, I love your kedut kedut design yang you buat for Goddess Collection, and I tak nak typical head-to-toe lace dress with heavy beadings. I nak fit-and flare skirt, nak two piece....

While I was explaining my jumbled-up designs, he started sketching(!!!) and after a while I just shut up, because the first sketch looks good!! And more importantly, it is what I want! Pandai si Syaiful ni, walaupun I cakap tak professional langsung, terus design ikut ape yang I nak. Ahhhhh seronokkkkkk ♥

I really like his design for me. It's a kebaya-inspired lace top, but with a boatneck instead of the normal kebaya. He's also doing the kedut kedut effect on my waist, as I wanted a silhouette that would make me taller and slimmer. For the skirt, I wanted a fit-and-flare kind made out of chiffon. Beadings will only be for the top and he will play around with the materials to make the skirt more willowy. Ahaha, faham ke ape I cakap? :p Yeah, naturally he kept the sketch since belum bayar deposit. So, you will have to make do with my description of the dress! Hee.

Ok, for better understanding (ececece), I give you my wedding dress inspirations;

The top

Ok, imagine a boat-neck lace top, instead of normal kebaya....

...with a kedut-kedut effect like below at the waist

Of course, the neckline and the bodice itself will be beaded.

And for the Bottom

It will be something like this, except I want the effect to be softer, which is why we are going with chiffon.

The price that he quoted me is within my Mom's budget, so InsyaAllah, will be sending the lace to him by the end of January, as he requested. Oh, he will only provide the chiffon, as he only uses one quality of chiffon. So, all we need to do now is buy the lace. He suggested Solstiss lace. I pun angguk je la, sebab tak tau menahu. Balik tadi, I googled Solstiss lace and found out that it is sold for RM695 per meter!! *gulps* Gila ke hapa, dah la kena beli 4 meters, thats roughly RM2800 only for the lace!! So, yeah, I'll just stick to normal lace la, no need so fancy! But of course, if Mom's okay with Solstiss, apa salahnya kan? hahaha ;)

Oh oh, and the best thing about the dress is ...

I can use it again, after the wedding! I insisted on having something that I can wear again, because it seems a bit ridiculous to spend such a large amount on something you only wear once! So, after the wedding, I can just tailor-made a simpler skirt to be worn with the top, and I wont even look OTT!

Haihhhh, again *love*!!

p/s If any of you bridezillas brides-to-be out there who wants to know the exact price that Syaiful quoted me, feel free to email me, and I will gladly tell you :) I, for one like to know the exact price while researching for designers!

Ok, now on with Operations Menguruskan Badan!! :s

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