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Kota Singapura

I just came back from my 5-days vacation to Singapore!

I know, I know, 5 days in Singapore?! Lama gila kan.

Basically we did the usuals - Universal Studios, Night Safari and my favourite - SHOPPING!

Butttt, this time around, I DID NOT go crazy buying everything! (like I did in London and HK ;p)

I think this is because i) I'm maturing and ii) sale wasn't too great - shopping kat KL lagi best and murah. Haha okay lah, it's more of the latter. Kalau sale beria, terus lupa je maturing grown up lady tu. Hehe.

Anyways, before leaving for Singapore, I announced to my Husband - "I've decided that I'm not going to buy any more bags this year!" The agreement was two designer bags per year for now, until he gets richer then I can buy anything anywhere anytime. Eceh. *berangan*

And then, arrived in Singapore and regretted BIG time! Because when I got to Singapore, I fell in love with not one, but two bags!! Me and my big mouth. *slaps forehead*

One is the Fendi Chameleon Boston Bag that I've blogged about here and the other is Marc by Marc Jacobs Memphis Trip Colour Block Top Handle.

Can you imagine how I was squealing when I saw and held those two bags?! Seperti biasa, segala simptom2 jatuh cinta dengan bag sudah terserlah - tersipu2 tengok cermin, usap bag dengan pipi. The SAs must have thought that I'm a complete idiot!

Of course, I didn't care. Haha.

Showed Hubs and of course la, he ignored me. Didn't even look at em' babies. Boo!

So, I reluctantly put them back and left the store. :(

But, I'm proud to say I stuck to my words. Hard for sure but kept my promise! *pat pat*

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