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Ache no more

I had an impromptu massage session after work today.

My back and neck have been aching for the past week. All those staring at the computer, checking the piles of reports and those never-ending housework finally got to my body. At the end of my work day earlier, I could just feel the knots in my shoulders, back and neck!

Googled some spas that are nearby to the office, checked with Hubs if I can pop in for two hours, and wahlaa - booked myself a 90minutes massage at Sompoton Spa, Intercontinental Hotel.

Obviously, I did not take any pictures since this was an impromptu visit and all I could think of was to get those knots out of my neck!

When I arrived, they brought me into a waiting room where a cup of hot yummy chrysanthemum tea was ready for me to gobble down.

After I was done (and I took my own sweet time, drinking and bbm-ing people), my masseuse escorted me into my own private room. I love the room - simple but tastefully decorated.

Then, like the picture above, I had both my feet soaked and scrubbed. And just like that, I relaxed instantly.

And after that was done, off with the heavenly massage.

God, my masseuse really has magic fingers. All the knots just melted away under her touch. I totally zonked out. Before I knew it, my 90 minutes were up!

I almost, almost asked her to continue. But money stopped me. Haha.

I don't know why I dont get massages more often. My mum always go for massages and she sometimes nags me to go pamper myself too. Seriously, mothers do know best.

Next time she nags, I'm gonna shut up and just go.

I highly recommend Sompoton Spa. The price is a bit steep, but you'd forget once that lady with the magic fingers touches you.

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