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Wedding Photobooth: Shasa & Fadzihan

This is the story of how PinkBrolly Events started.

Back in December, my friend Shasa got married. And I was responsible for her photobooth.

Shasa's best friend a.k.a the weddding planner, Natte asked me if I'm interested to do her photobooth way back in August/September. Of course I was interested. Up until recently, I was still not over my own wedding! Haha. 

I spoke to Shasa, mostly via Gtalk and WhatsApp, of what she wants and likes, and her expectations of the photobooth. She told me that she wants it to be a garden-y theme, with pink as the main colour.

So, I spent a lot of my time researching and getting inspirations from so many blogs and websites. And finally came up with a concept of a 3D tissue paper flowers, with a pink ombre effect.

I showed her my amateur-ish sketch, and she gave me her stamp of approval. When I emailed her my drawings, I was sooooooo nervous!! See, I cannot draw, often my sketches look like a 3yo drew them. Heck, even a 3yo would do a better job. But, I have lots of ideas and in my head I can virtualise how it will look and whether or not it would work. It's getting those ideas onto paper that is the difficult bit. But I was confident that I can do it and actually make it look good. 

Nonetheless, after explaining to her my concept, (I think I did better explaining orally) she agreed. I was so happy and relieved at that point! Ni happy yang sampai senyum lebar sorang2. I'm even grinning as I'm typing this. :))

And then, off to work I went. Every single day, for more than two weeks, I left office at 5pm on the dot, to make the flowers from tissue papers. I handmade each one and I had so much fun doing them. Granted, there are times when it became so annoying, especially the prep work before actually making the flowers like messuring and cutting, but the process of making each petal was just so much fun for me. I love love the time I spent making them. And it is just the best feeling when what you imagined in your head turned out even better!

I made slightly less than 300 tissue paper flowers. It's a huge photobooth, 8ft by 8ft. When I finally finished the flowers, I was so excited to hot glue them on my material. I took the time to arrange them, so that the flowers are displayed at their best. As I filled one line by one line, I felt so happy. They were turning out to be so gorgeous and that made me happy.

When it was done and displayed, I couldnt help but to feel proud. For actually finishing such a project. It was soo satisfactory for me as well.

After the wedding, I was feeling a bit lost. Came home with nothing to do; no flowers to make, nothing to hot glue, nothing to even fold and cut. I definitely missed the crafting and even the busy-ness. And that's when I thought, "hey, let's do this!"

Top left: Setting up the photobooth at 5am! Top right: Done!
Bottom: The hot-gluing process. 
Top: Hot-glued every single flower. Was beaming then :)
Bottom: Close up of photobooth, all hung up. 

Myself and my greatest fan & supporter, my husband posing in front our my creation!
Note: The sakura hanging from above was not made by me. 

My girls (Natte, not in picture) posing with the props I made.

And of course, yours truly. With my first creation! :)) 

And here's a special shout out to my dearest friend, Sherly who helped me out with the photobooth. She came with me at 5am to set up the photobooth, guys!! Isn't she a good part-time staff? Haha, joking Sherly! But, thanks so muchhh!! xx

So, that's my story!


All photos belong to PinkBrolly Events. I'll be more than happy if you want to share them, but I would also appreciate very much if you could credit and link them to this blog. Thanks :)

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