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Marriage Procedure Part Due


It's been a while since I've seen my blog, apatah lagi nak mengupdate. But, despite my silence in the virtual world, I have been busy-beeing with my wedding preps *pats own back* Hmm, maybe it's time I'll do that checklist.

Anyways, I just came back from Jakarta baybee!! Haha, I was actually there for work, so I didnt have the chance to shop sangat. But, Mom and sista # 2 came with me. And are still there! Huwaaaarghhhh..! Since, this post has been loooong overdue, I will leave my Jakarta trip for another post. I've realised that whenever I promise a post, I always end up writing about it waaayyy later. This particular post is a good example :p So, maybe I should stop promising and start typing :p

Now that I've got the lil' update out of the way, let's get on with the serious part. Eceh.

Proses untuk berkahwin for wilayah and non-wilayah. Sheesh.

Because I'm sweet, I have painstakingly (okay, an exaggeration, but kenalah drama kan ;)) did this with Powerpoint and convert it into JPEG. Check it out.

If I leave it at this, you all faham ke proses dia? Hmm, straight forward la jugak kan? Because I very the lazy to explain step by step lah. Lazy and no inspiration like that to write about dry stuff like this. So, I will spare you the boring-ness of the procedures, and if you are still stuck somewhere, just email me la hor. Easier like that kan.

Hahaha, sorry anti-climax. Beria je buat graphs, pastu tak explain.

On a side note, a big Congratulations to fellow bloggers who will be tying their knot this month! To Amy and Sab, may you both be blessed with a lifetime of happiness. Amin.

Oh, another update. I've got my engagement album already!! Yeay. Very happy with it. More later.

Toodles moodles.

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