Saturday, January 23, 2010

Inspirations for tudung nikah

Since I'll be having my akad in a masjid, Insyallah, I would want to wear a proper tudung. Not just the selendang, covering my side-swept curled hair, with flowers to top the look. Hmm gaya macam dah fikir untuk tak pakai tudung je :p Hehe no lah, that was my original plan. I did some re-thinking and decided that I want to wear the tudung, lagi ayu kan?

To find the tudung is not easy! I have specific criterias that I do NOT want in a tudung.

One, no "awning". You know this type, the keras-dekat-depan type. I dont think its a good look for me. Plus susah nanti masa upacara membatalkan wudhu'. Habis penyek bila kena kiss.

ok, no number two. I only have that one criteria that I do NOT want.

But, I also know that I want something fancy for the tudung. Possibly a tudung with a veil of some sort. Since we'll be having a casual reception after, I want to wear something fancier lah. Oh oh, NO crowns!! I do not like that look! My personal view okay?

So, I went googling and found these...

Look #1 - My favourite, actually.

Look #2 - Nice, but I think this would not compliment my baju nikah so much.

Finally, Look #3 - I love this too, but I'm going to have to wear something inside.

So yeah, I'm just going to let Syomir do his creative thang and design me a fabulous tudung nikah ;)

p/s no pressure Syomir ;)