Monday, September 15, 2014


So, I've been tagged by Sherliza from ziggy zig ah  to do this fun but also time-wasting game. LOL.

And here goes.

  1. I'm very manja. If you know me, you'd probably know that. 
  2. I think I'm hilarious. Even I laugh at myself sometimes. Haha. 
  3. I'm generally a positive person. 
  4. I also have very high self confidence/self esteem. I genuinely think I'm pretty. (Another example is #2 :p) 
  5. I never had and don't have any issue with me being short. Again this relates to #4. Most people would think that I do, but meh being short/petite is pretty awesome. 
  6. I do have issues with me being fat. This generally happens once a month when I see a photo of a slim woman in skinny jeans. It also coincides with my time of the month. Hmmm. 
  7. Although honestly, I don't think I'm thattt fat. #internalconflict
  8. I am obsessed with designer handbags, which I think is going to be my (or my husband's) downfall. 
  9. I also have developed a love for diamonds after I got my first diamond ring during my engagement.
  10. I cannot stand people who wrongly add the letter S to the end of words like food and stuff. It annoys me to the core. 
  11. I also cannot stand a wet toilet. Especially at home, when I don't have my shoes/slippers on. 
  12. I love wearing flat shoes. As I grow older, I just stay away from high heels unless I really have to. 
  13. I have weak ankles. So I fall/slip/twist my ankle rather easily. Hence #12. 
  14. I don't like wearing make up. But I do love my lipsticks. 
  15. I think I'm more adventurous in my fashion styles but my husband doesn't let that wildness comes out. He likes me in simple classic pieces. (*yawn*) 
  16. I like being driven around. By a driver. The first thing I'm going to do when my husband or I can afford to is hire a driver. 
  17. I like themed parties or events. I like dressing up for a theme! 
  18. I have a part time business, PinkBrolly where I get creative making party decors, photobooths and piñatas. (Follow me on instagram! @pinkbrolly) 
  19. I also love being all "matchy-matchy" for anything. Raya, going out, you name it. 
  20. And lastly, I thought this would be easy to do, but nooooo,  I was already struggling at number 9!

I'm tagging all of you to do this! Do let me know if you've done it so I can go over to read yours. 

Thanks and have fun!