Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fashion Styles: Blouse

If you have been following me on this blog, you’d probably know that I’m such a girly girl. I just love being a girl. Seriously, what’s not to love? We have the best in fashion. Fashion is dedicated to us, women! From hair bands and clips to shoes and stockings, and everything in between.

I had many fashion phases growing up. The “Clueless” inspired fashion; checkered pants, preppy blouses and small furry backpacks, short dresses with platforms ala Baby Spice and so much more. But, as I grow older, I stuck to a classic and simple style. My husband loves it when I’m dressed in a simple skinny jeans/pants and blouse. And that has been my staple since I got married. I admit – I would love to be more adventurous in my styles (like in my younger days) but I don’t think my husband can tolerate that. Lol.

Over the years of experimenting, I have learned what’s good on me and what’s not, what I like and what I dislike. I prefer blouses; smart casual mostly to cotton tshirts. After turning 30 (gasp!) I have started accumulating silk blouses, in both patterned and plain. I love the flow of the material and I think it makes me look more like my age.

Blouses are one of the most versatile fashion items. You can style it for a smart casual look, sophisticated look and casual “going-out-for-errands” look.

I usually style mine in the first category. Black and white polka dot silk blouse with a white skinny jeans just exude chic smart casual look. Obviously, this is all in my head since white skinny jeans and my thunder thighs are not really good friends at the moment. -___-  What I do wear is; navy blue stripes silk blouse with a skinny jeans in dark blue rinse. They’re more forgiving on my body. Haha.

The second look is sophisticated, which is something that I cannot quite pull off. My line of work involves meeting with corporate and bankers. The women are always dressed so sophisticatedly; high waist pencil skirt with a nice crisp white blouse accessorize with chunky gold jewelry. And they just look so good. I wish I can pull that off, but I can’t. So I wear my trusty kurung modern to work.

The last look is casual. Simple and easy. Pair a loose cotton blouse with leggings and off you go. Buying groceries, taking the dry cleaning – all done while still looking not too shabby. Sometimes, I wear this at home, when I feel like dressing up a bit.

I get my blouses everywhere. Zalora is one of them. It is so easy to buy online and get it send to you. At work, of course, so your husband won’t know how chronic the state of your online buying is. Hee. The only difficult thing with buying at Zalora is choosing. They have so many ranges and styles and choices! I say the more choices the better, so bring it on!

Monday, September 15, 2014


So, I've been tagged by Sherliza from ziggy zig ah  to do this fun but also time-wasting game. LOL.

And here goes.

  1. I'm very manja. If you know me, you'd probably know that. 
  2. I think I'm hilarious. Even I laugh at myself sometimes. Haha. 
  3. I'm generally a positive person. 
  4. I also have very high self confidence/self esteem. I genuinely think I'm pretty. (Another example is #2 :p) 
  5. I never had and don't have any issue with me being short. Again this relates to #4. Most people would think that I do, but meh being short/petite is pretty awesome. 
  6. I do have issues with me being fat. This generally happens once a month when I see a photo of a slim woman in skinny jeans. It also coincides with my time of the month. Hmmm. 
  7. Although honestly, I don't think I'm thattt fat. #internalconflict
  8. I am obsessed with designer handbags, which I think is going to be my (or my husband's) downfall. 
  9. I also have developed a love for diamonds after I got my first diamond ring during my engagement.
  10. I cannot stand people who wrongly add the letter S to the end of words like food and stuff. It annoys me to the core. 
  11. I also cannot stand a wet toilet. Especially at home, when I don't have my shoes/slippers on. 
  12. I love wearing flat shoes. As I grow older, I just stay away from high heels unless I really have to. 
  13. I have weak ankles. So I fall/slip/twist my ankle rather easily. Hence #12. 
  14. I don't like wearing make up. But I do love my lipsticks. 
  15. I think I'm more adventurous in my fashion styles but my husband doesn't let that wildness comes out. He likes me in simple classic pieces. (*yawn*) 
  16. I like being driven around. By a driver. The first thing I'm going to do when my husband or I can afford to is hire a driver. 
  17. I like themed parties or events. I like dressing up for a theme! 
  18. I have a part time business, PinkBrolly where I get creative making party decors, photobooths and piƱatas. (Follow me on instagram! @pinkbrolly) 
  19. I also love being all "matchy-matchy" for anything. Raya, going out, you name it. 
  20. And lastly, I thought this would be easy to do, but nooooo,  I was already struggling at number 9!

I'm tagging all of you to do this! Do let me know if you've done it so I can go over to read yours. 

Thanks and have fun! 

Monday, September 8, 2014


If you see that my blog is looking a bit wonky, that's because stupid me did it!

I deleted some of my photos on my Google drive which are on this blog and now it's all gone. Am working on fixing this glitch. Just bear with me, please. 

Thank you and see you with hopefully a new look! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Tonight, we mourn for the loss of those on board MH370.

Tonight, we cry with the families.

We have been hopeful. We had prayed for a different ending.

But, Allah knows best. "It is He Who gives Life and Death; and when He decides upon an affair, He says to it, "Be", and it is." (40:68)

May God grants peace to those who perished and may God ease the burden of those carrying this terrible heartache.

Ameen ya Rabb.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Burned Out

Hi guys,

It's really getting more and more difficult to update this ol' blog of mine. I just wasn't in the mood to share anything in the past few months, but today ahhh the mood to write strikes. :)

I actually wanted to share with you guys about my Yogyakarta trip. I had all the posts written, in my head, when I was there. But, they remained in my head and now I've forgotten all about it. And since then, I've been to Japan for work, did some fun parties for PinkBrolly Events and more. -_____-

Today, as I was stuck in the massive jam (what is up, KL?!) I thought about what I want in my life. Yeap, deep thoughts to entertained in the evening.

Truthfully, I am feeling so blergh with my job. See, I'm a scholar and I'm currently serving my bond. I have two more years before this bond ends and I have been weighing in on my options. After 6 years in the investment world, I can safely say that I do not have any passion for it. Sometimes I like what I do, but increasingly I'm finding it very difficult to look forward to going to work these days.

But, being in this job gives me security. The salary isn't too bad and the bonus is awesome. And we get full medical coverage, which is really a peace of mind. But, I can feel myself slowly rotting here, which I hate.

For now, I really want to leave after my bond expires. I want to do something creative. I want to do something different. And I want to make a lot of money.

But will I?  

I pray for Allah to guide me the right way, Amin.

(Sorry if this comeback post is too heavy for you guys! Just feel the need to get this out)